This is actually a trailer for the book Whirlwind by David Klass. It has several scenes with captions and music to match. This was done partly as a school assignment, but mostly because I like Blender. Here is the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldfcfzStgD0

I would love come constructive criticism and comments. Before you comment though, there are several things that I’ve already noticed, but it’s too late to change.

  1. In the forest, the ivy leaves to the very right are vibrating. The light beams also get overly bright towards the end.
  2. During the fly-over of the forest, lots of the trees flash. This is because the billboards are on the same spot. (Z-fighting is the correct term I believe)
  3. When the guy looks at you, there’s a black artifact on the bottom of his chin where a seam is, and his eyes don’t fit in his eye-sockets quite right.

Most of these problems are fixable, but I just ran out of time. I might come back to this and fix some of those problems.

Also, this is my first animation, excluding one simple fish tutorial and a couple moving boxes.


well… renders are kind of primitive but the general feel of it all is kinda gorgeous anyway. good work man. how long have you used blender?

Thanks, and I’ve been using blender since the end of last summer. About July/August.