Whiskeyglas - Blender internal renderer

A Whiskeyglas i´ve done for a scene. I was surprised about the good result.


I definitely like it, what scene is going to go into?

i can figure out that uve used HDR lighting & reflections. anyway nice work!

wow, very good!!!

did you use hdr image?

Looks great! It would be really nice if you share your render and composition settings.

You can downlaod the .blend on my website www.eisklotz.de

Cool render, I’ll study your .blend file.

Very nicely done and a triumph for Blender Internal. I’ll be downloading the .blend that you so thoughtfully provided.

nice, despite no caustics.

Oddly enough, this is a very important thing to me…
i am doing a similar project with a glass of wine…and basically it fails hard.
Ill be studying this .blend with care and precision and
(hopefully) end up with a similar result… only with wine.

Very nice, I like the result.