Any good ol’ whisky drinkers here?

What’s in your collection? I’ve got some Laphroaig (10yr, 15yr and 10yr cask) and Bowmore (12 yr).

I’m going to get some lagavulin 16 yr soon, and some quarter cask laphroaig. Also some bushmills whiskey, probably black bush.

Can you tell I like the Islay malts? Hehe.

Oh yeah?

I’ve got a bottle of Jack Daniels in me coat pocket.

This seems the right place for kids like you.

So one bottle of Jacky D makes me an alcoholic now?
What about mr IanC with his massive collection.

PS It’s only half a bottle now

You’re not even 18. So yeah, already drinking whisky at your age, I’d say you’re on the way of becoming one. I’m sure you would deny it, but the only reasons to start something like this is because you thought it looked cool and mature. Of course it’s just the opposite, sad and immature. Whatever, like I care. Have fun destroying your liver.

I just could never acquire the taste for whiskey. Personally, I believe that if any taste needs to be ‘acquired’, then it obviously does not taste good anyway. Having said that, I realise that I’m clearly in the minority. Enjoy your collection IanC.

I’ve always been a fan of smooth whiskey (how we spell it in the US) that can be savored, rather than the rough stuff some of my college friends used to drink drowned in a sea of Coca Cola. In the way of corn whiskey, I love Jack Daniels. I’ve been known to splurge on the occasional bottle of 15 year old Glenlivet, which is absolutely marvelous. I’ll add mixers to vodka and rum on occasion, but to my taste, the only thing to mix with whiskey is a shot glass.

Alas, I have medical conditions now that severely restrict my consumption of alcohol, so my whiskey days are behind me, for the most part.

Some of my favorites:

Kittling Ridge Forty Creek
Canadian Club Reserve
Canadian Club 100 Proof
Hiram Walker - Special Old
Alberta Springs & Premium


i have nothing.
i drank it all, i dont collect.

@sago: i did start my drinking with hard liquour, instead of beer. i didnt really like beer back then. ofcourse, i’m the worst example.


Good man!!!

I do love the alchoholic beverages. No particular favorites, because I don’t have the luxury of choosing. I get what I can.

Famous Grouse, only once a year or something though…I’ll make sure I’ll be carefull with alcohol, come from 3 generations of alcoholics on both sides… and something tells me it runs in the family. Luckily I hate being drunk, so,…guess i’ll be allright:P

Big fan of Glenkinchie, probably helps that the distillery is only 5 miles down the road… I will always have a soft spot for something a bit more smokey.

Took a bit of getting used to, never even gave it a fighting chance until i was 20, now gladly theres no looking back!

Well, I had my fair share of sneaking to the liquor closet and sipping every bottle I could find there as a kid (a dutch egg liquor called ‘advocaat’ being my favourite). Silly and a bit stupid, but harmless actions of a kid driven by curiosity.

But walking around with a bottle of Jack Daniels in your coat pocket as a 17-year old, now that’s a different kind of stupidity.

Whisky aint my thing, and I still hate the beer, but I love a Martini on the Rocks once in while (this means no bottle in my coat pocket… I mean, where would I keep the ice cubes?)

Europeans are lucky :frowning: If I get caught with a lager in my hands by the cops… If I fail the breathalizer thingy… Neighbor had a drunken party with people under 21, besides the weed he got arrested and 25k bail… They could have charged him with a lot more, this was just a warning for being too noisy and some underage drinking…

A.H. Hirsch Reserve 16 yr, it was a wedding gift from my brother. BTW it was distilled in 1974, the year I was born.

Well for a start I’m fifteen. I mean seriously, if you’re gonna hold someones age against them at least get it right.
Secondly I’d just bought it at the shop and brought it home to enjoy with my dad.
Presumptions are bad.

Oh, so you’re just 15. Yeah, that absolutely makes it less worse. What was I thinking, geez.

Presumptions are bad.

So is drinking whiskey at the age of 15, you f**king nutcase.

Drinking some liquor once in your mid-teens isn’t that bad. I don’t think New_Neo has a drinking problem, though New-neo has experience with alcohol.
But hey, some are better resistant to it than others and some get into habits with more ease than others.

I always thought drinking the odd glass with your father was like a rites of passage father/son bonding thing, it is where I come from.