Whistler :)

Here is my test object for static particle system (you can animate hairs by using animated texture for surf displacement :wink: to simulate wind, gravity etc), character animation and
toy design.
My animal planet :smiley:




I would be very interested to see it animated: gravity and wind.

The partice system for hair in itself start to be a know fact though. But animate it. i didn’t had time to try.

i you realy find yourself confident about this after you tried a lot of stuff. Maybe you could do a tut.

Hmm. a hybrid beaver/chicken? :-?

say “NO!” to animal testings.

… back to the subject… any animations to check out?


HAHA… did ya ever see Caddy Shack? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, you are right… it looks like one of the Gophers in Caddyshack ;).

Cool character! Please show us an animation.

Cool fur effect.
And thanks for explanation.

Nice little furball. :smiley: I think he needs eyelashes though. Real nice co-star for Caddyshack, or maybe (heh, heh, heh…) Gremlins.

It looks really cool :smiley: kinda cute too :D, tried to do the same thing once, but it was to time consuming, but im really glad to see that it dos work :smiley: KUTGW dude
( any anim in the future? :smiley: )

Hehe. You’v got right. It has something from the chicken;).

I’v got some [email protected] “How is it possible to animate static particle system”.

Yes. There’ll be downloadable tutorial and a lot of anims. I’m interesting in finall effect too.

I didn’t. What tha hell is it???

Gopher…hmm… it sounds friendly…but i can’t associate it with any animated character i know.


Explantation - i’ll do short tutorial with *.blend “Pro publico bono” haha.

I’v just started experiments with animals. It’s my subject for upcoming tests with animation (disney’s elasticity of moove - it’s finall aim of two- three month process)

I’ll smash him, burn him, drop him … and any possible things. So there’ll be some anims (thx boys from Green Isle for accounts!!!) and *.blend files to download.

Did it consume you a lot of time??? It’s extremely fast method to get "Render Man’s " substitute of bicubic patch and “color treshold” effects - just like with 3delight or Aqsis. With my machine it takes less than 2-3 minutes to render it with ray, about 5-7 min with AO[5 samples] 1024x768/Targa/RGBA.

I’have opened several large projects. I’ll show animation. It’ll be knockout:).
Fist of all i have to upload next WiP “Dawn Over Isengard” at sixmonkeys.

I feel now like white one. hehe;)

I wonder about style of eyelashes. Linear > or realistic?