White background without world lighting.

So I was getting a lot of Noise in my scene. I want to be able to rerun an animation with some small changes quickly, so I’m trying to keep the samples low. I’m running with 32 samples currently. While experimenting with the lighting I deleted all but one light and set the strength on the world to 0. This really cleaned things up.

I’m left with slight areas where theres no backdrop in the scene that appear black now. Really I want them to appear white. I can set the strength on the world tab to 1 and I get white (with white colour of course) but that gives a lot of noise. It occurs to me I could just build a huge white ball/cube to give me a white backdrop.

I was wondering if theres a better way to do this, or a better way to reduce noise, or more accurately prevent noise being created

I’ve attached 2 images with and without world background

Try this: