White Bedroom

My first bedroom render.
View It In Larger version Plz


Plz guys comment

Very nice! I love the carpet, well done. :slight_smile: I feel the blanket should be larger and have more wrinkles though.

Thanks bro u have commented on most of my posts.

Very nice, a very believable bedroom. The Claude Lorraine painting on the wall is one of my favourites, but the photo of the guy in the middle makes a slightly awkward focal point though - he looks slightly the wrong aspect ratio.

Thanks for comment, I’LL try to correct the aspect ratio of that pic

Bright, nice, clean, I like it :slight_smile: But I agree with Shadow - “wrinkles” are needed

No more comments?

Overall really nice, I agree about the dude in the closet photo, as well as the blanket.

Also looks like there’s a floodlight on in there - not sure if that’s something you intended. But maybe take the brightness down and/or add some more shadowing to simulate window light.