White borders while texturing in texture paint mode

Hey guys,
not even close after my last UV mapping question, Im struggling again with a new problem.
Im getting into texture painting recently after I solved the problem with the UV’s but already now again Im getting headaches because of this:

Could that be caused by the way I connected the Texture with a MixRGB in the Material settings ?
Not quite sure, but I have the guess that this is a bug, since if I Display the Model in rendered view, the white borders disappear, take a look:

Someone got experience with texture painting and an answer to this ?
I would appreciate it :cool:


got a blend file?

No Im sorry, I just drew over that, wasnt that much of an problem anyways. I got ahead with it, just mocked me a bit because it was not pleasing to watch while drawing the texture paint.
But hey, Im sure I will respond later again if the problem occurs again, since that wasnt my last model I texture painted :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for the answer though thumps up