White chocolate and the silly cookies inside.

Hi there!

I’m working on my first real job in blender and really, first job in 3D environment. I have to make a tasty viz for the envelope of white chocolate. I’m doing it because the photos are disgusting. The chocolate is tasty but unfortunately if you put small brown round cookies inside a piece of white chocolate than in the real world it looks as if … not tasty at all. Unfortunately I’ve come across some problems.

  1. For the chocolate I mixed diffusion with translucent, and it came out so realistic that it doesn’t look tasty once again. Fake and not tasty, and still when I don’t use translucent than it looks as if made out of plastic.

  1. The cookies are horror for me. In real life they look ugly (tasty if you taste it, but nothing nice - rabbit from the back side like). I thought of using nesquik morning muesli for reference but what came out of it still doesn’t look fine. Also I didn’t use any real textures for cookies because I didn’t know what to look for (I know CGtextures, but what to look for). My problem is that I don’t really know what to aim for mostly, but my abilities don’t leave me much space for experimenting, either.

    I should also point out that my product will be printed on the envelope and it will be something about 2 cm by 3 cm big (the chocolate pieces), and the cookies will just be apart from being inside the chocolate, small things (0,5 cm * 0,5 cm tops) all over the packaging.

All the creative ideas, or some references are very welcome as well as some node tweaks if somebody thinks that I can squeeze something out of it these cookies. (I couldn’t post four pics so there is no node setup for chocolate but it’s just some mix shader with 70% of translucent and 30% of diffuse + displacement on the edges + some minor noise effect on the diffuse.)

Thank you for any ideas or criticism.

Ok, i,ve done some work on the cookies. Still unfortunately I have some problems with displacement textures which are hard to tweak the way I would like it. Any ideas on how to make the cookies better? Also I think, i should unwrap these so that there is no problem with the grunge texture on the side.

what is the noce set up in post 1?
i tried it and get a lot of greyish color ?

waht is the ndoe set up for the cookie in post 2

one thing normally you hve to use the node colro to BW node before going to the displacemnt input !



thank you for interest in my chocolate problem.

The setup for chocolate picture is as follows:

The greyish color might come from the way you light this thing. Translucent shader might give you such effect. I’ve put lights all over the place as if you were photographing it in studio.

I have some problem with node setup for the second post while I changed much in this scene since that render. I tried to rescale it to fit the original dimensions and it screwed up much in the setup. I can tell you that the cookies are made with procedural textures only. Subdivision 7 times and than some musgrave for these bigger cracks and noise of some kind. I don’t know how to work with procedural textures in node editor so I used two displacement modifiers and two different textures. Than also I mixed two shaders - diffuse and glossy adding some grunge texture for displacement (noise modifier wasn’t enough). Of course in the end these are all one cookie just rotated. I made one long lamp and added the tray to give the scene some context and so more believable. I’m happy that my friends didn’t see the CG on FB and some asked me to bring some tomorrow to work:)

I would really like to know how to work with procedural textures in node editor because than I could copy the texture and in the composition of materials make the cookie a little bit darker inside the cracks (that’s how it looks in the reference photo).

Funny that you say about these BW setups because I never had any problem with textures for displacement just implementing them as they come, still there is probably some reason for that way that I don’t see now.

I still don’t know how to generate procedural textures using node editor. I would like for instance cut off one texture form antoher. I could paint the cookie to a darker colour inside (apparently that is the way the cookie crumbles:). The effects of me not using node editor for procedural textures is - disgusting cookies in macro. Just take a look at this:

… and so please - forward me to some tutorial that I haven’t seen about working with node editor (just not for materials in cycles and not to compositing renders, because i know these two).