White dots in Cycles


I wonder if anyone can help me with this. When I render in cycles lots of white dots appear in the image (i believe there called fireflies but I’m not sure). How can i get rid of them?

Set the roughness of all your glossy shaders to 0.0.
Do not use standard Blender lights (remove them from the scene). Instead create a plane or any mesh and apply a material to it with an emission shader. Turn the strength of the shader way up like 10-100 to control light brightness in the scene.

In my experience Blender doesn’t like lights with a low angle of incidence, same with environmental lighting. Make sure you have caustics turned off if you don’t need it. Try doing a render with a high number of passes (like 1000 or something) and see if that solves the problem. If it does then that’s just what you have to do unfortunately, if you can change the position of the lights so they don’t hit the object at such an angle that will help.
Blender also doesn’t like small lights, so if you have small lights close to the object try moving them further away, make them bigger and brighter.
Also like atom said, use light emitting panels/planes too.

Or use the clamp in the Cycles render settings. Try values around 1.1-1.3…

Or use dust & scratches filter in PS (or it’s eqaual filter in Gimp) to remove them.

There are solutions everywhere… ;D

Too much and too many lights can also increase their appearance, or the chance that they will appear.