White Dragon

This is my attempt at re-creating a moment from Blade Runner. I actually started this a year ago, but other things (like the Dynamic Machines contest) distracted me. My “Worship” piece actually grew out of an earlier version of this piece (you’ll recognize the same umbrellas). Each of those projects taught me skills that I brought back to this piece, so it’s all for the best!

If you’re curious, the beginning of this clip is the moment I’m trying to re-create (but in a dreamy “time standing still” kind of way).

While I was doing the initial research, I discovered that the White Dragon neon sign from Blade Runner has a good-sized following! There are write-ups on its history and info on how to make your own physical version in neon. This post was especially helpful for me, with lots of reference photos and analysis.

With the help of those reference photos, I modeled the Dragon myself. I also modeled the architecture and the oil-paper umbrellas and built the big neon sign in the background. I didn’t model any of the people; those all came from Mixamo.

Additional resources I used:

I hope you like it! I’m as happy to hear critiques as I am to answer questions about the making of :slight_smile:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

I’m honored! Thank you :slight_smile: