White experimental face

Made this last night. first one was about 2 hours into it. 2nd one was about 4 hours of work.


Second one



It looks a lot like MF Doom.


The eyes are a bit strange though, The recessed mouth makes the whole thing feel like a mask, and they don’t seem to integrate with the head very well. It could just be the color.

oh wow, how strange. Thats kinda neat. Well to be honest I got the ideal looking at the game box for breed. Saw it kinda in a reflection. The mouth piece doesn’t connect at all yet. Not going to eactly, Its only part of the upper portion of hte mouth. I haven’t finished the lower jaw piece yet.

I will post more when i get further. Its been a while sence i done anything.
So far there is about 4 hours into this one.

Thx for your comments.