white floor

good day…i am making a project similar to this picture and i am having a problem with it…if i make the floor white it will have to have high reflectivity but there are some silver plates on it which has mirror efect…so what happens is the silver platers doesnt appear…i want a clone of this floor in picture …i made something similar with 0.05 spec and 1 hardeness and 0.6 ref and 0.15 mir but still.i use yafray.any help

here is the photo :slight_smile:

sorry i had to resize it :slight_smile:


Yea, OK, so what’s the problem?

At first I thought you were confusing reflectivity with mirror, but no, you seem to know the difference. So are your plates 100% mirror, in which case you’ll NEVER see them, the only hope you have is to cast a shadow either by lamp or occlusion?

Why not just make the plates less reflective until they appear the way you’d like?


cute, wish to know how to obtain something like that too! mind to share with me? heavily_tessellated?

Try to put ref to 1.000

Trapesourus asked me the same thing in PM, but like I told him, it’s ludicrously simple, it would be an insult to the HDD to bother saving it.

Make a cube. Add Wood texture, rings. Set coords to Orco, and whatever X/Y/Z size you like. Make the color white.

Dupe the cube. Hit R twice to go into trackball rotation and spin it around. Change it’s color. Dupe. rotate. Change color. Dupe… etc. After you got like 6 colors, grab all of them, Dupe, rotate. Hit Ctrl-. for local axis, and R twice to trackball rotate the whole set at once. Add a floor plane. Make it Ref 1.0, spec 0 hard 1, and turn on RayMirror, say 0.10… you can grab the cubes and move them down so they are almost touching if you want. Go into World, make it white. Turn renderer to Yafray, GI Full/Low, Emit 1.5 or so, and hit F12.

Takes longer to describe it than it does to do it. About 1 minute to make and 15 seconds to render. I didn’t need it, it was just an example.

Anyway - the original problem, did you get your plates to show up, Trapesourus?

it would be an insult to the HDD to bother saving it.

come on, everybody saved a hellocworld.c before :stuck_out_tongue:
gonna try make cubes now with shiny floor.

[edit]is that possible to achive the above result without using Yafray?

the problem is that the cube is of chrome…anyway i made a picture here


Thanks for the step by step explaination HT,
I never knew about hitting R key twice, I just
hope i dont forget when I need to use it :slight_smile:


thanks for the explanation…but if you made these cubes mirrored and reflective you will see much problems…anyway i think i am figuring it out now.thanks

i am stupid, i couldn’t get it :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
could you share me the .blend file, trapesourus.

Trapesourus, yes the problem with something completely reflective in a completely plain environment is that it becomes nearly invisible. There are a couple things you could do, you could environment map it so it’s reflecting stuff from elsewhere, so it looks “chrome-y”… you could also use a spherical map for the sky (aka skydome) that would reflect that image, be it clouds or a room interior or whatever, but something to show it’s mirrored.

sleepsleep, Yafray because that is what Trapesourus said he was using. Yes, you can do this type of thing in Blender internal renderer, but be warned it will take about 10x longer doing AO with high sampling than Yafray…

… and before anyone asks again, I recreated it:

Here it is as Both Yafray and Blender internal:


Blender (AO not as balanced, just a test, you figure out the best settings)

thanks ht :slight_smile:
would try to figure out your .blend file.

been trying to learn the shadow thingy.
wanna ask, is there any “setting” to make the shadow resembles the object color?

i came up with this

i wish the floor color remain like that, but i want the shadow to more resembles the objects’ color. any idea?

hey sleepsleep…the shadow that resembles the color is not shadow…its a mirror…by the way i solved the problem…see the attachement…i made the floor white, ref=1, mirror = 0.2 , amb=1, tralu=0.1,


okie, mirror :stuck_out_tongue: , btw, your cubes really NICE!!

i made the gi method full and none in quality…the low quality takes much time.