White halo in textured plane

Hi all:

I´m working in a character made with textured planes and 2 3d arms but there is a white border in all of them…

Take a look:


(sorry I have problems with my free server and the insert image function)

Do anyone know how can I solve that ???

The UV texture is not the problem I dont see the halo if I put a black background

I will appreciate any sugestion
Thanks for reading

upload a blend file, the link you provided goes to your web host, not the png image

You just have to copy and paste, I have the same problem with Image and Link functions
I´m really sorry about that but Is the only way I have to post files (at least the oneI know)

I´ve uploaded also the .blend … Just copy and paste http://zetpel.100webspace.net/Caostica1.7.blend
in your browser if you dont mind

Or just paste
for root download


In the uv window select all UVs and try scaling them down ever so slightly. I just had to do the same thing yesterday and it got rid of the problem.

The dierctory for the file says it’s 461k but everytime I went into it there was nothing to download.

Thanks RamboBaby but that didn´t solve the problem I´m gonna remade the texture just in case

This link should work much better I hope