White iMac look shader

Good afternoon (o;

I am trying now since a while to imitate the look of the surface of an old white iMac…where the underlying material is glossy white and on top a layer of acrylic glass…

The white glossy material is no problem…but when I set the top to IOR 1.49, which represents Acrylic glass, it only reflects and the white glossy material can’t been seen…

Any help very welcome :slight_smile:

Pics showing what you want to achieve and what you have achieved might help.

Okay…sorry…tried to find a nice picture of an old iMac which shows the effect nicely…so using now a product of our company how it looks like (o;

But so far I haven’t got any result which is nowhere near (o;

Using a white glossy object at the back with a glass shader object in front (overlayed by a bitmap texture with mix shader):

Show absolutely no glossy effect and doesn’t reflect the wooden surface…

And the wooden texture is reflected in the real thing?

Is this the look? As you can see, dark things aren’t really well reflected, only the bright windows and lamps. That would be just a principled, perhaps with lowered main specular and high clearcoat value.

Are you doing it with one material or with a modeled “coat” for some kind of layered effect? Glass shader is opaque, so you may have to use trickery to get light through, like using a transparency shader for shadow (possibly diffuse? can’t remember) rays.

If not using principled, keep in mind that fresnel node doesn’t have a switch for handling backfaces, so you need to account for that manually using 1/IOR for backfacing faces using math and mix nodes. I’m saying that because your object looks thin (no thickness).