White image appears gray when saved as RGBA

Hi guys, please I need some help.

I have a white image that I’m using for an animation that needs to be transparent.

The problem is, when I save is as RGBA it appears gray, but not when saved as RGB


The same image appears all white (ffffff), when saved as RGB.

Please help me, it seems I have tried everything, including color management.

I just wonder why the image would turn grey when it is rendered as an RGBA

Please how do I rectify this?

I assume the letters are supposed to be transparent? Could be the color in World Properties, if there’s nothing behind the picture then the ambient color will be rendered. Set it to full white or set strength to 0 if you want no ambient color.

Edit: you may also need to set Render Properties > Film > Transparent if you need it rendered as empty where the gray letters are.

If it doesn’t work you should provide more details about what you’re trying to do.

Thanks for your response Tag

The letters should be pure white, while the background is transparent.

I have set film to transparent and I have set color management to standard.

When I hit render, the image appears “WHITE”, then when I save the image as RGBA and view it, it appears gray. However, the same image from the render result window appears all WHITE when saved as RGB.

Here is the same image from the render result window, just saved as RGB. Notice how the letters and logo are pure white… but as soon as I hit save as RGBA, it turns gray

I was finally able to solve this issue by changing the exposure value from 0 to 1 in the color management tab.

Thank you!