White Noise Lines in Render?


I am working on an animated short film which is almost complete but I have run into a problem. After building this scene and hitting render I noticed that there was some white lines appearing around some of the buildings and windows but most noticeably around the car. Does anyone know what is causing these? Any help would be much appreciated!

whats your start clip and end clip on the camera, may be too high and causing precision issues.

could also be your aa settings ( i am guessing this is BI)

It’s the edge of your glass material. Don’t use a Glass shader replace them with a Transparent shader.

Thank you for your replays, yes Atom I thought it was the glass material too but as you can see in the attached screenshot it is also appearing on the hair particles and some of the edges on the buildings, and yes doublejump is right I am using Blender Internal (sorry I should have said that) so I am not using shaders. Thanks for the suggestion of changing the start and end clip of the camera however that did not remove it. Sorry but what are aa settings? Thanks again!

Thanks again for your help, I was messing around with the render options and fixed it. If anyone runs into a similar problem in the future to fix mine I just had to uncheck anti-aliasing which I now realise it what you meant by AA so thank you Atom!