White objects

Hi there, before I delete the odd program know to you all as Blender I thought I’d have one last bash at trying to solve an odd problem.

Here it is:

  1. I load up blender.
  2. I add a sphere above the plane that was already there.
  3. I then select the material button and select ‘Add new material’
  4. I then select the texture button and ‘Add new texture’
  5. I set the ‘Texture type’ to image and select the ‘Load image’ button and select an image file and load it in.
  6. I add a lamp

Now when I hit F12 the render window pops up and I see what I expect to see, I see my ball with the selected texture upon it.
But when I select the ‘Start game’ button I see a pure white ball.
I have tried seting the ‘Draw type’ to Shaded and solid, but still no textures.
In edit mode the objects appear black and in realtime mode the objects are white.

How do I make it so the textures appear on my objects in realtime mode?

Note:- It can’t be my video card because I have loaded some Blender demos and the textures appear ok in them.

AFAIK Materials don’t show up in GameBlender (realtime mode). You need to UV map your textures onto the meshes. I haven’t done this so I will leave it at that; I’m sure someone else who has done UV mapping can respond. Alternatively you can take a look at this link:


It has jump off points for all kinds of tutorials including UV tutorials. Good luck!

see https://blenderartists.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=1441

Are you serious?

I mean delete Blender, because you still have learn how to handle textures in Game-mode?

You can´t be serious…

You´re not, are you?