White "realistic" couch

Hi there,

I just started to model a couch. I finished the raw of the model, trying to get into a bit of sculpting so it’s looks a bit softer, comfortable. No materials applied (except a diffuse white for the render). I still need to render the leg for it. I’m open to any critique! Since I’m a total newbie in the 3D world :eyebrowlift:


Adding the legs and a bit more light. Also adding some sculpt on the third cushin.

I’m new myself to 3D modelling so no expert comments here. To me it looks convincing and the proportions look right. I do think the cushions look a bit slim though, both the back and seat ones. If they are made a bit thicker it would help to make the couch look more comfortable. Nice work.

Hey caz,

Thank you for your comment mate! :slight_smile: Actually the cushin are really slim on my reference image… So I’ll try to make them a little bit thicker in the end. Check out the reference FYI


Yeah, the cushions really are thin. Quite a surprise to see that. Nice work with the changes you’ve made.