white textures in final render

Hi everyone!

I have to render a huge scene.

I render it on 5 WIN10 machines, each with a 1070 8gb video card, i7 cpu and 8gb ram. I render on video card.

I managed to optimize the scene so it takes max 5,5gb of video memory.

Now, the problem is the following: when I launch the render on the small farm, in a totally random way (not node dependent, not frame dependent) some of the texture is rendered as white. Sometimes just a texture, sometimes the whole material appears a white diffuse shader.

I am running out of ideas. At first I thought that when the video memory gets on the edge blender makes some mess with the textures, but I did some test lowering the video memory used and I still get the problem (remember… it’s random).

So my only idea left is that the system ram maybe too small. We only have 8gb because there was an error in the order, we should have had 16gb.

Anyway, could it be that if the system memory is too little when he build the scene something like this could happen?

this is an example of what I mean, same file, same frame, same computer. Notice how the textures of the columns, the tree leaves and the ceiling, while other textures are perfectly fine:

and this is a render log of a frame with the problem: http://pasteall.org/420914

I hope someone can help! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Headsup: we added 8gb of ram to every comp and looks like the problem have been solved.

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