Whitetail Deer - Anim Update pg 4

Until I find a way to solve the problem I’m having with my Blackjack game, I will be working on this project.

I have recently become fascinated with deer. I’ll be modelling and hopefully animating a whitetail. My last project with the Great White Shark didn’t turn out as good as I wanted to. With the shark, there wasn’t too much body movement, but it had to be precise. That’s why it looked like one of those low budget 1970s Jaws-wannabe movie with a plastic shark being pulled through the water with a piece of yarn.

With the whitetail deer there is more movement involved. I have a greater chance of getting realistic movement. There are legs, ears, eyes, a neck, tail, muscles, etc. So anyway…

…here is what I have of the model after about 15 minutes:



There isn’t much yet, just the very basic shape. Feel free to comment on what I have so far.

Started to work on the head a little bit:


Here’s another render. The legs are definitely unfinished. The insides of the legs are completely flat. Woops. Well I mostly concentrated on the head.


It looks better now that you modified the ears. Nose and mouth are good
too. Overall good shapes. Would like to see it with a realistic eye/eyes.

Thanks j. The eyes are only temporary. I put them in because I was tired of looking at a deer without eyes. I modeled the antlers and started forming the muscle structures that I will try to animate.


Keep the crits coming. If there are any whitetail deer experts out there correct me when you find something wrong. Thanks.

It is looking good so far. The legs look a little odd but you will probably get to that.

When I said “good overall shapes” I did not take into the count
the legs,since you mentioned that you were going to work on those.
I hope you do the legs before setting up the legs to be animatable.
Nice antlers.

No, the legs definetely are not finished in that render. I’ve done a lot more work on them. I’ve modeled the hooves, but more work still needs to and will be done on them. I was thinking of doing something like this for the eyes.


A black shiny sphere with a little fresnel effect and the iris visible in the middle. I think the iris should glow a little more. This isn’t a finished eye, just an idea.

[EDIT] I think I’ll use a little less fresnel too.

Wow! When people say that UV mapping gives you more control they weren’t kidding. I have so much control I don’t know what to do with it. I just started fooling around with the textures on the head. This is what I have so far:


It still isn’t looking like a whitetail deer. After I finish messing with the textures I’m going to try to fix it. In the meantime, if anyone could tell me off hand what makes it NOT look like a whitetail deer, please feel free to tell me. Thanks.

[EDIT]By the way, this is only half a deer.

Looks like it will be an awesome animatable deer.
Some great uv mapping there.
Eye is great I think, one shiny spot would propably look better in closeups, but that is such a little thing I should not propably even have mentioned it. I think i need to check what does a fresnell mean when it comes to shader.
I do not know what a white tail deer
looks like, other than what i have seen
in these posts so i cannot comment
on the likeness.
<edit, added> -> and two more things: the main texture is good.
Nose shader could use less of absolute black, so small spec number
and hard number, I am maybe wrong about this, but considered this opinion to be worth writing.I was sort of thinking when mentioning this that what would make deer more life like, hence more like a white tail.

Thanks again, j. I haven’t spent much time on the nose yet. It is, like the eye, a temporary thing.

Ugh. Kong not happy. Particles not show. Why do the particles show inside Blender in the 3D view window, but not when I render it. I have a texture set to it. I’m vexed.



Did you render in Blender?

Did you set halo texture to particles?

Yes and yes. But whatever the problem was, I fixed it somehow.


These aren’t finished lashes.



I think the head’s starting to come around. Still needs some work, though.

By the way, j, fresnel effect makes the sphere clearer in the middle and more opaque on the outsides.

The deer is nearing completion.



Tell me what you think and what you think I could do to improve it. Thanks.

I think you should try to use the static particles on the fur of the deer instead of the texture. Maybe even use the texture to color the static particles. It just looks very CG, and I think it would look a lot nicer.

I thought about that too, but the deer isn’t really going to be in any closeups. I figure what’s the point in sacrificing all that render time if you aren’t going to notice that much of a difference.

I figure what’s the point in sacrificing all that render time if you aren’t going to notice that much of a difference.

so true.

I was going to say that about the texture too, but if it’s not the subject it shouldn’t matter. Otherwise it looks very good. Nice work!