Whitetail Deer

I have recently become fascinated with deer. My last project with the Great White Shark didn’t turn out as good as I wanted to. With the shark, there wasn’t too much body movement, but it had to be precise. That’s why it looked like one of those low budget 1970s Jaws-wannabe movie with a plastic shark being pulled through the water with a piece of yarn.

With the whitetail deer there is more movement involved. I have a greater chance of getting realistic movement. There are legs, ears, eyes, a neck, tail, muscles, etc. So anyway…

Here’s the video:

and here’s the image:


It looks spectacular, except that when it walks, it slides along the ground while the legs animate. It doesn’t actually move forward with the leg motion. That looks a little tacky. :expressionless:

love it by the way how many verts is the deer

The deer is 1960 verts(without subsurf).