Who all is running [email protected]?

How many work units? What kind of and how many computers?

Currently 78 units.
Dual pII350’s, one process on each processor, CheapBytes PinkTie 8.0 linux.
One computer, hoping to get my alpha back on line though.

I used to, but I heard they shut it down several years ago.


I just dowloaded it a few days ago. I’m working on my third data unit on a 800 mhz pc. It’s running on windows right now, hopefully it’ll be on Linux soon.


It’s still alive and well.


Cool… got it back, on 4 PCs now… 2 WinXP desktops (Athlon XP 1700, P4 800), 1 WinXP laptop (P3 500), and 1 Linux desktop (P Celeron 400). :slight_smile:

Any interest in starting a Blender or Elysiun [email protected] group?

When I used it before, I ran with Team Art Bell… but with Art Bell retired again, it’s not a big deal.


Well, I just did, all my data packets are going to “Team elYsiun”. Just do a search and join up. I didn’t see it on the list yet, so you may need to find it by searching for user “improvisar”, then click on the group I’m in.

Hehe… just think how high up on the list we can get if all the elYsiun users put their computers in the effort. :slight_smile:


lol… 5 PCs now, just added the last in the house, an Athlon 1.1ghz WinXP desktop.


Ok IMP, I’m in! From now on my data units go to “Team elYsiun” as well.

I only have 10 data units processed so far. I could have had a lot more but
I shut the client app off when I need more resources for other programs.
I have it and everything else running on a single 500 mhtz HP Pavillion with some modest expansions.

The main computer lab in the geology department at my colloge has [email protected] running on all their Apple computers.

I’m running [email protected] for more than 3,5 years now and I recently got my “500 Workunit Certificate”. Keep on searching.


Cool rwv! That’s two of us, making a total of 6 PCs. Tobur, you want to join Team elYsiun? :slight_smile:


Hrm… it seems it takes a while before listings are updated, because though my user profile shows 1 unit done so far (wish I knew what PC that was from… prolly the Linux box, because this Windowz PC is the fastest in the house yet, and isn’t done with the first one). But, on the Team elYsiun page, it shows me still as having 0 done, and being the only member.


I had the seti program a couple of years back, and got up past 50 of the data blocks, but it got deleted ages ago.
So alas i wont be the guy who discovers an alien species and makes first contact, unless you count the time i was watching some downloaded star trek and the screensaver came up!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Ok, now I’m officially in.

Cool Babsis, why don’t you start up again? I think I had 90 or so when my old acct was reaped.

Hehe, Rwv, been inactive a while? Shows your last results as October.

Everyone else: Grab a copy and join in!


Whoo! We now show 4 members with over 80 units! :slight_smile:

I’m moving down on the list, but with 5pcs runing [email protected] now, I should bump up pretty far, may be a while before I catch up to some of the oldtimers though, hehe.

I think I’ll announce in Elysiun chat, since many don’t frequent Off-topic.


BTW, I’m guessing VelikM = MichealV? :slight_smile:


Sure enough, I joined team elYsiun today.

I just noticed something… I have 1 work unit recorded, and it says I’ve done more than 34.274% of users! lol… they must get a ton of people sign up then say “I don’t like how the screensaver looks” before they finish their first unit.

And, Welcome NateTG! Our latest addition.


It seems most people do one or two units then quit. You’re better off using the command line version, it’s much faster, even if the saver looks kool. :wink:
With 80 units I show as having done more than 81% of the users, some have done over 20,000 units with cpu time in the 20+year range, thats dedication.

Yep. Man has it been that long already? I had a crash around that time and had to re-install everything which took me for ever to do. The seti app wasn’t a high priority so it hardly saw any use after that.
But it’s good to go now.