Who can help me to create a movie with my ideea?

My name is Anghel Radu and I wish to find a blender community united around an idea, so I am here to expose something that can create a lot of things including jobs. I didn’t see until now my idea in practice, why not to create this now? Let start!
Electric generator with variable buoyancy. I will explain how it is working. Everyone know buoyancy and gravity. A metallic sphere floats on water like a boat, but will sink if is filled with water due to gravity. If when the sphere is immersed, we unload the water what do you think would happen? Let your imagination to see, sphere sliding up and down on a metallic post who force it to not have rotation, around that ball is an electric generator, descendent and ascendent movement will rotate the blades. How to unload the water? Easy to do in case of artificial lake created by people but this can be used in different conditions including underground cylindrical reservoirs or sea and oceans (forcing water to be eliminated with less combustible like petrol). Can you, blender community, will help me to create a movie? Can we post it on Youtube? Maybe someday someone will use our work…


Basic thermodynamics will require more energy going into ‘unloading the water’ than you can possibly recover by the ball rising and falling on it’s post. Unless you can show calculations that there will be net positive energy from this system (Hint: you can’t) you are asking people to spend their time illustrating yet another perpetual motion machine.

You need to take into account that when the ball is 10 meters under water, you are forcing water out of the ball at two atmospheres pressure, and for every additional 10 meters you sink the ball, you add an additional atmosphere of pressure to push water out of the ball against. You cannot drain water out of your underwater sphere by simply opening a valve and letting gravity do the work. That doesn’t work underwater. You must use energy to push the water out. Can it be done? Of course. The simplest way I can think of is to simply introduce compressed air into the sphere. But compressing the air and pumping it into the sphere will take energy. If you calculate how much energy, and compare that to the amount you’ll get by the sphere rising and falling and rotors turning, you will find a net energy loss.

Give this one up. It won’t work.

At the bottom will be air, is not a perpetual motion system, artificial lake using the pressure of water to rotate an electric generator and is using pressure create by the volume of water, in this case we can put at the bottom of the artificial lake a system to unload this spheres, again water is unloaded gravitational. The volume of the water used is smaller in this case

At the bottom of the lake will be air? Absurd. This is fantasy, not anything you would find in the real world.

You system to unload the spheres at the bottom of the artificial lake will require power. Gravity will not cause water to flow out of a submerged sphere. In order to get the sphere to rise again, you have to somehow remove the water. You’ll need some kind of pump, and that pump will require more power than you will generate with the rest of the system, no matter how complex or simple.

You are not the first person to envision a perpetual motion machine and then deny it’s a perpetual motion machine. But that’s what you’ve got here. Won’t work.

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