Who can help me with this?

I need a single shape key from this anImation. Ive tried everything i could. I WILL PAY YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!

I need a sequence like it plays …one by one from right to left.

A single shape key with that!

I know your time is short. Let me know how much and I will pay you!!

I dont know what else to do. Ive been working on trying to get this done for months already!!

If you cant, please refer me to someone??

Thank you for anything!!ANIMATIONWITHOUTSHAPEKEYS.blend (657.1 KB)

why not pin it?

What do you mean by pin it?? using the little pin checkbox? is it because it holds the shape? but could you explain what the process wd be?? i know you might be busy…so im sorry if im abusing a little…

Hi. How may I help you. I´ll leave the line open. Reply asap, if your post is urgent.

I though about using the add on "stop motion, importing all of them and getting a sequence of shape keys, but then i hit head on with the problem of how to get them all in a single shape key…it would only work for me if i get the animation in a single shape key…
the file attached shows it close to i need…i wd need them laying down instead of standing

2019-05-08 17-50-02.mp4 (318 KB)

The video shows what Blender is doing already. But you want this in a single shape key? Please reply with private message if you want me to help you.