Who crying for new features always looks like a professional.

From an other topic…

Blender is a professional app… Dot.

Unfortunately, we have a big amateurish fan base who does not make anything but always crying for new features. This will be the death of Blender. Why? Because the developers always working on new features but only a few people will use them.

It is possible to make very good things with simple features. And Blender has very advanced features…

But most of the users like to cry, because crying is comfortable and when they are crying they looks like professional users: “Oh, I am very professional and I can make very professional things but I need new features.”

Sad story…

Well… this is probably flame bait. But what do you expect, it’s easily the best 3D software. Of course you will have unskilled people, seeing other apps’ features and wondering why they can’t have that for free too.

Features or not, nothing is going to make such a person into a good artist, animator or illustrator but practice. If they need more features before they are ready to put in the work, they’re lost already. No need to worry about them. Trust me when I say paid software has these people too. People with zero talent or skill, but a long list of things they need before they can work properly. You see it a lot in music software (and gear)… someone who can’t read music but needs 45 new synthesizers to make their next unlistenable song.

Troll flame bait flame bait troll

I can’t stop imagining there’s some sincere point behind the horribly inefficient way it’s put forward. But the 1+ paragraph explanations are even more confounding than the “want features” trolling.


As usual there is no logic to Endi’s post, just empty bile.

His one big point is always that “professionals” can do great work with Blender as it is, or even as it once was. But that is still the case even if “developers [are] always working on new features but only a few people will use”. So you don’t use or appreciate any of the new features? Don’t use them - problem solved.

No emotes this time around. Nice job.

From an other endi post…

abc123 is a professional user… Dot.

Unfortunately, he has a big amaturish attitude towards the fan base, and does not offer constructive criticism but always crying about the community. This has been the death of our respect for him. Why? Because the artists always working on new artwork, but very few will be seen by him.

It is possible for a few users to make very good things. And Blender has a lot of users.

But most of what he does is cry, because crying is comfortable and when he is crying he isn’t being professional: “Oh, I am very professional and I can make very professional things but the fan base will be the death of Blender.”

Sad story…

Damn, I didn’t notice the “Don’t Feed the Troll” sign.
Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa…


I would say that is harsh but the reality is art criticism is harsh as a general rule, so whatever.

I actually find humor in your statement. And I suppose someone who is sensitive may take your statement personal.

I have been diligently working on a personal project for the last couple of hours with the TV on and I noticed that I am hungry right now and need to take a break.

Now I suppose that “if” Blender had a feature that would help me move things along faster, that would be great.

But far as actually going out and purchasing some commercial software and starting all over again just because that software could “theoretically” make things go faster, I don’t really look at that as an option.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

And as far as owning two or more animating software programs and switching back and forth on occasion as a possible option…

uhhhh…I don’t find anything efficient about that alternative either.

You are either in it for the long haul or not. Sooner or later you have to make the best with what you have.

As far as having the ability to change and improve things, well, that is the nature of “open source” software.

I am fine with Blender and I personally do not have enough time in the day to sit on a fence wondering why my neighbors grass is so green.


After thinking about it for a few minutes:


There is definitely a difference between offering new ideas as to how to improve something and whining and complaining about how something isn’t good enough!

I find nothing artistic about someone who blames the paint brush for not meeting their lofty standards!

Rule # 15—Don’t bite the bait!

I not only bit. But I am chewing it and enjoying my meal.


Don’t be surprised if this thread ends up 3 or more pages long by tomorrow with a lot of posts talking about Endi’s character.

It happened in numerous other threads he started, it will probably happen here unless the moderation decides to act quickly in this case. Unfortunate, but true.

Yup, I’ve seen some of the other threads. The poor guy has insecurity issues.

i agree it is a very professional app… and there are very few truely amzing artists on here who could likely quit their day job. not to say there arent plenty of good artists… but the number of people who actually know how to use blender is scarse. unfortunately ive only seen blender used in one professional setting and it was for a company that creates presentations for the millitary… and the millitary likes free.

AutoDesk tools are very easy to use to boot, and on top of that for 800 bucks, you can get training and know EVERYTHING about an application, and to a company that needs productive employees, thats worth it. Autodesk is also streight up more powerful… better hardware integration… comes with the trerritory of most apps being around 3k.

I find it amusing you say this in reference to a post from him, or have you not been around here very long.
He offers no new ideas, no constructive criticism, he whines, he complains, he trolls, he’s just very childish.
He has a view that he is so superior to everyone else. If I recall at one point under a different name he started a poll asking whether he should stay or quit this site, then came back as abc123.

.When you see the same unoriginal post from him for the hundredth time you are entitled to get pissed off with him.

I´ve gotten a lot of stick for speaking up against Endi, so I´ll keep it simple, and then shut up:

Apparently there´s no correlation between being a professional, and acting like one.

/me tries to remember if he ever shared his idea to start a ‘The Community’ donation project to fly him over to Hungary to kick endi in the balls?

In person moderation is what is needed here!!!

…and, yes, I’m only joking since I didn’t catch this thread early enough to delete it.

I would not go as far as condone Endi’s trollish behaviour. Starting a thread with the sole purpose of trolling is not very honest. But sometimes on heated threads, amidst the barrage of arguments flying over our digital heads, his bot-like simplicity feels like a much needed fresh breath of surrealistic air.

Is Endi serious or is he just trolling for the fun of it?