Who crying for new features always looks like a professional.

Whether he is right or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that he keeps agitating people like this for years and will not stop as long as he is allowed to do so. This is literally all he does on this forum.

LOL, You hit the nail right on the head Ace Dragon.

Just by being partially right means that this isn’t all he’s doing on this forum ! Even if it is only a “partial” truth people still need to hear it so they don’t forget about “partial” existing problems ! Also we need to maintain a “partial” bias towards his attitude as he is “partially” right. No need to crucify a man just because he won’t give up saying what is WRONG in a community !

Dude, just click on his username and select “view forum posts”. He is more relentless than a spambot.

Also, he is not even partially right because his statement assumes that forum users are the ones who control Blender’s development. That is completely untrue - the developers decide what they want to work on no matter how much you complain here. Since blender is opensource, that makes it home for any developer to test their pet-projects on. These pet-projects either become forgotten, or get polished and merged to trunk as new features. The users participate only when it comes to reporting bugs and testing out the functionality of a feature that has already been created.

Programmers want to work on exciting stuff, not stabilize existing code so much. Sometimes, somebody has to step up and take one for the team by doing all that boring stuff. This is the real reason why blender keeps getting “features” more often than bugfixing/stabilization sprees. Not 13 year old amateurs who are demanding it.


the ones doing the more best work always rise their proposals higher

Not a reply from abc123? Not yet?
He is possibly an idiot or he simply doesn’t have to say anything.
Before we have some misunderstanding, english language barrier or such…
Idiot<idiota<greek idiotis=a man who cares for his own goods only.
So, englishmen were very wise when they adopted this word, they gave it a different meaning. Did they? Are we sure?
abd123, you’re such an egoist so you became an idiot.

Guy;s really… you are responding ye true he says somethink with is in some way… true story but it is true from one side of look and fake from another… Yeah blender cycles miss futures, or maybe support like SSS and Volume… but generaly it is really powerfull ap.

hahahaha yep

Just ignore that crybaby - because all he does is cry out loud.

Yeah, I myself prefer to weep silently in a corner.

No response from him. Maybe he’s too busy designing something?

Unfortunate, true, and likely to remain that way until moderators actually start to act against trolls (as opposed to simply removing spam). it simply encourages others that like stirring up trouble rather than engaging the topic. sigh

Most of the Blender professionals I know are not on this forum.
ALL of the Blender professionals I know avoid endi/abc123/whateverhisnameis.

Then you dont know me and some others.

But I know what you mean - over the years it changed.

Well everyone is complaining about everything, including complaining about Endi and complaining about other people complaining.

Why don’t everyone just shut up, relax and talk about Blender. The community is becoming stressed of late, please just take it easy…

Quite the contrary, this is the most relaxed and friendly forums I’ve ever been on. There’s zero trolling.
At the end of the day - Everyone is entitled to their own dumbass opinion.

Well, I know we aren’t very well acquainted, but I can tell you as a “Blender professional” who uses Blender for game asset creation, he crops up in thread-after-thread on topics I’m interested in (as one would expect, his focus being games too). The fact his deliberate trolling is acceptable by the mods is (still) my biggest gripe with the forum.

You know it’s not THAT hard to ignore him you know?
As long as he’s not derailing any interesting threads ofc.

And you have to admit that he’s very good at acting like a stereotypical blender groupy or a “spokesman” of the more or less negative attributes of this forum’s userbase.

Who are you mad at, endi himself? or the people he mimics?

One time he started a topic asking people whether to leave the forum or not. The majority wanted him gone, so he left. Everything was great until he came back as abc123 and started pestering people again. So he will never leave unless it’s by his own volition.

Mad at? No-one. Neither Endi nor those that encourage him to continue the same diatribe thread after thread are worth the energy that would take.

I do however blame the moderators that ignore the rules they set out for us to follow.

Humiliating, derogatory, anti-social or inflammatory remarks aimed at any group of people, with or without the intent to start a group response are considered inappropriate.

It was said years ago that Endi is a protected species on this forum… hasn’t changed. I don’t know why, but he seems immune to the rules the rest of us are supposed to abide by.