Who crying for new features always looks like a professional.

Everyone calls abc123 a troll.

And yet so many posts by so many self professed professionals.


@Storrboy: The first post you quote is Endi’s all too frequent way of sarcastically mocking other members’ comments and requests.

However the second post is probably true. See Endi’s youtube channel:

While I am not a fan of his trollish behavior, he has produced (ie, finished) amazing work with Blender, some of which is featured in the forum gallery. Check out his film “The Death Grind”, made four years ago before Cycles or 2.65. It’s too bad he seems to feel that his obvious talent entitles him to act so rudely.

You should report to the mods every post you feel contains “derogatory, anti-social or inflammatory remarks aimed at any group of people, with or without the intent to start a group response

The mods and admins don’t read every post of every thread, and if they don’t know it’s there, they can’t act on it. I have seen threads where he is directly told to stop trolling by mods, and a post is more likely to be censured if forum users report it as offensive or in contravention of forum rules.

Me too, brother, me too.

But apparently he doesn’t technically break any of the forum rules so…

Uncle Entity,

I have a great deal of respect for you.


Because when I first started posting here you were one of the many members who consistently replied with informative and genuine responses to my inquiries.

But I respectfully disagree with your assessment of abc123.

And here is why:

There are two issues at play here:

  1. Blender related topics
  2. Forum related issues

The terms of service or rules of engagement are not an exact science.

Sarcasm is a traditional literary tool especially among artists.

Forums are literary tools used to encourage discussion of a particular topic.

While abc123 may have developed a history of “ill-will” with other members, this person’s posts use sarcasm as a form of expression.

And many here already acknowledge that the content of abc123’s posts, while deliberately sarcastic, has subtle if not obvious legitimacy.

I do not personally know if abc123 was previously banned and has re-registered under a different username but even if that is the case like you said, he is not blatantly breaking any of the terms of service.

Lastly, I agree with the spirit of the thread topic.

There is a difference between introducing ideas for further development of Blender and whining and complaining (especially from Maya fanboys).

So I hope I have stated my disagreement with in a respectful, aticulate and professional way.

And once again, I thank you Uncle Entity, for the past professionalism you have demostrated towards me.


I have seen some in the past, and do not question his talent or ability, but that’s part of what baffles me about the negativity.
Perhaps the sarcasm just doesn’t come through the text too well.


I observe that sarcasm is interpreted arbitrarily by the reader. (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

abc123 may have gotten to the point that grammatically correct and articulate posts are too time consuming and inefficient to get a simple message across.

My interpretation of this thread topic started by abc123 is simply, be observant to whiners and complainers who try to pass themselves off as “professionals”.

People relax ! He knows the general attitude towards him and he knows that he is notorious !

Personally I think that he just tests us every-time ! He probably thinks like this " if they start answering they will never stop until a mod actually locks the thread ". Observe that he always uses two or more often contradictory emoticons to induce users into thinking that he is serious.

If you want to prove him wrong just abstain from writing any reply and see the thread slowly die out. He doesn’t reply nearly as often as some “Endi policemen” from the forums.

He’s referring to posts such as “Hey check this out, wouldn’t if be cool if it were in blender?”. Nobody takes those seriously, they are just suggestions. No developer is going “Gee, this one person is whining about feature X, i better just stop what i’m doing and try to implement it for no other reason.” What’s there to be observant about?

After browsing the forum for years, i’d say he is the one who does the most whining and complaining around here… I remember about a year ago he started a scene because some obscure bug that was important to him didn’t get maximum priority. Almost immediately a dev replied in the bugtracker asking for more info, to which Endi did not respond for months but kept on complaining about it here on the forum.

If you want to prove him wrong just abstain from writing any reply and see the thread slowly die out. He doesn’t reply nearly as often as some “Endi policemen” from the forums.

You’re asking a whole bunch of people to change for the sake of one person’s shenanigans? This will never die out as long as there is at least one person itching to reply to his trollish provocations. Here’s a simpler solution - ban him forever and we won’t be getting any more of these threads.


No offense intended, but I have to wonder if you are reading into his posts too much.


I take your reply with an objective grain of salt. I do have to clarify that “Hey check this out. Wouldn’t it be cool if Blender could this” is something I take seriously. I am not going to stop what I am currently working on but it is food for thought.

It also depends on the context of what it is that is said to be “cool” and how it is directly related to what I am most interested in investing time into but those types of issues are what a forum like this is for.

I am not trying to undermine your concerns regarding abc123 however, I just want to clarify why I am currently defending abc123.

So you support my argument that posts such as “feature X would be cool” are harmless. Ultimately it’s up to the developer to decide what to work on, not some spoiled kid who wants features. Endi’s posts have always had a negative effect on this community and his argument is baseless. I still can’t understand why you’re defending him.

We have, but the mods have replied to even the most egregious of examples with…

Hence the years old observation that he is a protected species. The mods like to keep him around regardless of his breaking the rules. Why? I don’t know but it is beyond argument that he makes derogatory, anti-social and inflammatory remarks for the purpose of a negative group response.

Either that rule is not to be enforced or Endi is “special” when it comes to policing the forum.

His account used to be “endi” but I have no idea why the new one was started

His posts are merely annoying, not abusive. Therefore he shouldn’t be banned.

Anyone who isn’t able to ignore his posts can easily block them. if you are logged on just go to “Settings” at the top right. Under “My Account” there is “Edit Ignore List”. Just add abc123 to the list. Poof, you will no longer be offended by his posts.

Fweeb and Uncle Entity at the BA.org christmas party. After a few too many drinks things happen !! Endi has the negatives so we have to do what he tells us. We tried to negotiate but he’s a professional in these things and we’re just amateurs so he just ignores us.

LOL, wasn’t expecting that one :smiley:

Dear abc123,

I have defended you up to the point where I seriously don’t care.

If you do not reach out to the many Blender Artist members who are obviously perturbed by your posts with some metaphorical form of an olive branch, that would totally suck, dude.

p.s. Blender is not fiddly. (heh heh. “fiddly”. friggin hillarious.)

Now that’s funny! Who still uses negatives?

But it explains everything… it all makes sense now…

Wait, it isnt this is it? Because that cat was let out of the bag long ago. Endi has been a busy bee indeedy. He really isnt that bad though. I can think of worse…

The question on everyones lips, is Uncle Entity the one on the horse or the one checking out his man-boobs

This development is really confusing to me.

I see four guys one squeezing his man boobs. I don’t see any hot psycho babes but that’s ok.

Is this supposed to insinuate that abc123 likes to party like a rock-star?

If this is the case than everyone is ragging on abc123 because…?

This doesn’t make me NOT want to defend abc123.

Technically this makes me want to defend abc123 even more.

This confuses me.


Someone, please explain.