who does the bledner.org web and is the new e shop design the 2.5 blender.org look?

I think blender.org should have a new look.

Something like the e shop new style but more minimalistic i personally dont like that glow in the buttons, altough it is cool by itself i dont like it fot the web.

what u think?

“I think”…
…this is honesty…not flaming…I just can’t keep my mouth shut.(or hands busy…another site maybe)
2.it does have a new layout
3. the e-shop was more designed to fit the main site…so I don’t understand your point there.

I don’t agree with you. blender.org is very well designed and suits to the actual website trends.

The e-shop and blender.org are a lot different. The layout is similar, but the graphics are very unique. I agree with TweakingKnobs that a new blender.org to go along with blender 2.5 would be in order. And I think moving it closer to the e-shop (but not all the way) is a good direction to go.

Don’t get me wrong, compared to other 3D software sites out there, blender.org is pretty good. But it could be better.

How long has it been since it was updated…seems like about a year…but the older you get the more perverse your perception of time becomes…hell, as far as I know, it could have been 3 years…lol

anim8or, we meet again!

But it could be better.
Luxology has a really good site, IMO. There might be a few things to take from it (although probably not the one-huge-image main page, gotta keep news :))

fuck you justin :wink:

tweaking knobs

fuck you justin :wink:

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you might want to apply some tonemapping to your words…