Who else experiences Cycles to crash on macOS and Blender 2.9

I have few macs and they all crash only with the new Blender 2.9.

When I hit render in viewport or render image.

macPro 2012 MacOS High Sierra NVIDIA GTX 1070Ti
macPro 2010 NacOS Catalina AMD RX 5600 XT

Also 2.9 does not see NVIDIA CUDA and thus no GPU rendering

I am in the middle of job so I haven’t tried 2.9 yet on my Mac. But will probably next week.

Can you be more specific? It crashes on start up? In a specific viewport shading mode? When rendering?

It happens to me, too. I posted a bug report about it both here and at the developers site and it got added to a previous one. I think I saw something about it possibly having to do with Intel Embree not detecting older processors correctly and having to add custom checking. My Mac is an old 2011 Mac Pro tower with a relatively modern AMD card (Metal-compatible for future-proofing).

The crashes happen if, after switching to Cycles, I set the viewport to render preview or create a new Material.

I’m on a Mac Catalina, but I have not had any crashes yet.

The post at the developers site. Certainly they are aware of the problem:


Don’t know it it’s related to your issues, but I (and some other users) have huge issues with 2.90 and 2.83 on MacOs Catalina.
I started this thread about it:

Seems like something is pretty wrong with newer Mac versions of Blender, unfortunately.

Crashes for me all the time in Mojave. Crashes for any and all reasons: delete cube, add cube, add bevel, switch to wireframe view, select all, deselect all, switch workspace tab, change shader color, disable sun disk option in the new Nishita sky texture, reduce world strength. Changing metallic property of principled shader while in cycles render preview mode causes random portions of the object to disappear. Changing it again crashes Blender.

that is interetsing because it seems to be CPU and GPU rendering