Who else has a problem with the Blengine's sounds?

I can’t trust the game engine to produce sounds anymore. Sounds just cut off randomly, or they don’t even start. And the game itself is not taxing on my computer.

Is this a problem on my end, or is this something that bothers everyone and needs bugfixing (like with a whole whack of sound-related stuff)?

Well, my footsteps work well on Linux, but that’s all I’m using right now. Where I’ve had trouble is overlapping. If there’s an overlap, you get no sound at all. I think it’s an sdl problem. It doesn’t thread. Unfortunately, we can’t use the streaming part because it isn’t implemented. I’m not sure if you can play more than one of those either, though.

Standart sound actuator use winsound, but is in engine worked bad.

Toomai, the same happen to me. Iam not even able to load .wavs inside Blender 2.42a. :mad:

Make sure that they are 22050 HZ, and 16 bits. Anything other than that will not work.


im in linux too,

I get a complete system lockup if any sounds overlap.
i will try that SDL tip, thanks Fireside!
I have tryed everything to fix it, My sound card works Excellent with multiple sounds… i can play games, and have XMMS blasting my music, but as soon as blender makes an overlapped sounds, my computer freezes up :frowning:
This has made me abandon my blender game project and move to Crystalspace… hope that I can get my game working with blender 2.43…
i really dont want to install windows just to finish my game sounds :frowning:

Crystalspace is a bit too advanced for my codeing abilitys… I am stuck just making worlds :frowning:

No one is using pygame anymore?

Yeah. Just pull the sound modules from pygame and put them in their appropriate places in your game dir. I was able to make a side scrolling game with full sounds. Music in the background and everything. Not a glitch. Plently of overlaps. Timed perfectly. (Unfortunatly I don’t have the blend anymore :frowning: ) But I know it works. It plays ogg, and wav files great!

Big downside to using this method. You have to build your own 3-d sound script using the panning of different channels and object distances. Its tough, and for me it was easier because it was side scrolling so I only had to worry about left and right.

Its worth a shot. I suppose someone should work on some sound scripts using the pygame sound modules…


i had trouble with the blender sound in Ubuntu-Linux too. :confused:

I solved the problem for me by using a soundcard with hardware mixing.

Now everything works fine: I have ESD Systemsound and in Blender both: Gamesound and Sequencer sound.:cool:

How do you make the sounds 22050 HZ and 16-Bits ?

you can use ecasound.

“Arr Matey!! wrote: Make sure that they are 22050 HZ, and 16 bits. Anything other than that will not work”.

Really? Do you know why?