Who has AI already replaced?

  1. Voice-over artists.

Maybe not entirely - and certainly not voice ACTORS - but I the company I work for has stopped hiring voice-over artists for training videos, and I expect everyone else has as well.

  1. Proof-readers ???

This is one I don’t know as much about so I can’t be sure.

Any more?

Forum posters.

  • At least 8000 workers at IBM (after laying off 8000 people, their CEO announced a hiring freeze to focus on onboarding AI replacements)
  • hundreds of small illustrators in the book cover/illustrating industry (this one is hard to get a precise number on, but I personally know at least two dozen)
  • Several thousand AWS employees (Amazon is really cagey about precise numbers but I know it’s at least a thousand)
  • quite a lot of paid community moderators on certain forums (not this one, luckily, although we’re also not paid)
  • 15% of Insider staff
  • An unknown quantity of CNET journalists
  • Hundreds of content writers (no official figures, I’ve seen dozens of anecdotal stories and my wife works in the industry and has new horror stories about her network every day)
  • Several thousand Meta, Google, and Adobe employees, as well as other developers ( see previous note about “cagey”, but as a developer, you can trust me on this- my network is also in shambles and I’m currently unemployed myself)
    And so on

…that’s quite a lot.

I missed a couple:

  • 8500 IKEA customer service workers
  • 200 employees at the eating disorders helpline
  • Everyone who worked for Washington Post Launcher
  • 4000 unspecified people, in May, according to the US Department of Labor

There’s more, of course, this is pretty much an infinite list


Unfortunately the future is pretty gloomy in this sense, millions of people will see their jobs taken by AI. It has only just started.

I would not think in terms of “replaced”, I prefer “liberated”. If you spend 8 (or more) hours a day 5-6 days a week, doing a job that could be done by a machine, computer, robot etc maybe you would be happier doing something else, working less hours, living a more for-filling life instead of simply “clocking in to earn ends meat”.

The future is unsure, you can see your glass half full or half empty. I strongly believe that collective “positive thinking” is the key to better world.

Our thoughts and actions model our existence.


That sounds great, but it’s not really an option when A. there’s less jobs because of AI, so less people can have those cushy “work less, more fulfilling” jobs, and B. bills have to be paid :wink: The future isn’t a bunch of nice cushy jobs where people do whatever they feel is fulfilling for however many hours they want- it’s mass unemployment. It’s currently estimated that 54% of American jobs will be replaced by AI by 2030


Are you sure their jobs are actually done by AI? My suspicion (without proof!!!) is that many take the AI hype opportunity to adjust their numbers, making claims about AI… Candidates for that might be IBM, AWS and the other large companies.

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Pretty easy to verify:


Thanks for the link!

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Strangely, the power company and the grocery store require that people actually exchange cash for goods… they don’t accept “personally fulfilled happy points” for payment method.

Also odd that you’ve made some broad assumption that having a one career is somehow automatically less fulfilling than some other career, simply because a machine may be able to perform the task.


Yes, as our society stands today “employment” is what gives people a meaning to exist. This will change, things will get worse before they get better.

Not an option but will be a reality, most of us will not work in a full time job, in the last 25 years I have never worked over 100 days a year. I am self employed. I do not earn much but I do not spend much and I am happy. I enjoy walks in the countryside, Blender, being with my wife etc This reality will be widespread in the near future.


I sure hope so :slight_smile:

Is this really any different to what has happened countless times in the past.

How many jobs disappeared when the steam engine was invented, or the car, or the microchip. AI is just another advancement in technology - society will adapt to it and new jobs/roles will likely spring up instead.


Just had a quick glance over the article. As far as I can tell, they have not been replaced by AI and their job is not being done by AI (yet). They want to automate their jobs.
To me, that’s a huge difference. Having the goal and actually being able to pull it off.


In your first list there were a lot of people who I think would be self-employed. “hundreds of small illustrators in the book cover/illustrating industry (this one is hard to get a precise number on, but I personally know at least two dozen)” …

I mean, if you can’t pay your bills anymore, does it matter if you’re self-employed or corporate employed?


yes. exactly.

In past years, we’ve been hearing about the culling of jobs in manufacturing and the blue collar industry; we’re always told how workers can be retrained in our new modern society - embrace the future, become IT experts, coders, etc etc. (Because places like rural West Virginia are simply a hotbed for the tech industry.)

Now we have AI popping up everywhere, replacing the need for IT experts and coders.

What’s the next magical land of jobs that people are to re-train for?


Unfortunately, usually they don’t get better due to wisdom and insight. We see proof manifest right in front of our eyes already that they won’t - we’re caught in a toxic ideology, and corporations and governments won’t just set things right for us.

Usually it takes new ideologies, revolutions, civil wars and a number of world wars until things start to settle down into a new, sustainable order. I reckon this process has begun already, and there’s not an inkling of certainty it will turn out well. Anyway, looking back into history, few of us will live long enough to actually see that predicted paradise (should it ever come).