Who has the oldest version of blender lying arround.

I thought it would be kind of fun to see who has the oldest working version of blender lying arround on their computer. Mabe you downloaded blender 5 years ago, and you still have the zipfile, Post your version number, and we’ll see who has the lowest.

I have a copy of 1.8 on a floppy somewhere at home. But I Likely won’t find it any time soon.

I know Scott Wilkinson, (exnehilo as some of you may remember), has a C-Key version at his house with the original Blender Book. Very old school. :wink:


my oldest is 2.12,my brother downloaded it several years ago, and it never got deleted.

1.73 (Linux Only)

What happened to Blender 1.0?

Don’t think it was publically released.

Download 1.80a here:http://download.blender.org/release/Blender1.80/. (multiplatform)

lol man i loved the unix style gui of that old time, that was actualy the reason why i started to like blender, the GUI was different, kinda stupid reason but well …

i tried working in it, extrude, press x for align, and ops no align tools, lol,

amazing how blender evolved.

BUT i have to say i love the older logo more! it has more life to it in my opinion. the new one looks to contemporary.



omg, that looks so…old! :o
I wonder what people could make with that.

With any luck, I could find again the french Linux Magazine (special 3D) that introduced me to Blender 1.67a (or 1.68a?). My memory fails to recall the exact number. I think it’s 1.67a. I had a C-Key, then… It was also my first contact with the amazing 3D world. Since then, I only played significantly with Blender, KPovModeler/Povray and Art of Illusion.