Who hates BSODs?

I’m talking about the Windows ones, not the BSOD tutorials. Did you ever wonder why Windows didn’t make them look a bit more, well, you know, appealing?XD
For example, we’ve got a really old computer from 2002, that runs Windows XP, and sometimes it just randomly decides to display the error and reboot. Whenever it would happen, I would wonder, “Oh no, what now?” and I’d freeze… because I would not know if the computer would boot or not. The reason I would think that is because we used to get loads of viruses and trojans, that even once made programs not open (we fixed it with this exefix.com thing)
So, what are your thoughts?

best advice i can give you is to make a note of the error code and post it, makes it alot easier to diagnose :stuck_out_tongue:
it can be caused by any number of issues such as viruses faulty devices faulty drivers. only reliable way of pinning down what the problem is will be to check the code out.

I have only had 3 BSODs since Getting Windows 7 on both my computers. Number 1 was due the the power lead for the Graphics card not being in properly (after changing the sound card, It must have wiggled loose) An that of course was fixed very quickly due to a quick google search of the Error.
Number 2 was due to a virus that got onto my computer from a friends USB Key. This was fixed by simply wiping the seperate partition that I had changed the .tmp files to go to. (Often a good Idea with windows…I once had 18 GB of temp and random files in the temp folder, so I simply linked it off to a seperate drive from a computer that I had back in the dark ages)
Number 3: I still have absolutely no idea what happenned there, but It never came up again so I assume that it was just a driver fix coming with Windows Updates.

I had a costumer that was getting this a lot. Computer would do BSOD after about 5 min of use. As far as I could tell its hardware related, so its not windows fault. I installed a fresh windows copy twice on it and this computer had same issues. I replaced ram and hard drive and still had same issue.

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since Back to the topic: no BSOD here on XP / 7 since 2006. Windows is getting better.

if you press F8 whilst the computer is loading (before the windows screen) there is an option for disable automatic restart on system failure, it will give you enough time to note down the error code.
normally if its a driver you have just installed after it fails windows (7) normally decides to deactivate it although you can confirm whether its a driver issue by running it in safe mode for a while.
if its restarting that regularly it may be worth checking the heat output, checking the fans are running as normal etc.

sometimes i get BSOD with perticular USB hardware attached during startup. (namely a cheap trust /aiptek graphics tablet, or water damaged apple-keyboard )

Well its not heat related. I even changed thermal grease on it. Its down to processor and a motherboard. I dont have another computer to test those two out. I kind of feel bad about it because he gave me money to get it fixed and when I offered money back he didnt want it.

its unusual for a motherboard fault to give a BSOD and i havent come across a processor causing it either so normally its a case of ruling out everything else first. have you tried turning off any extras in the bios like shadowing and setting the hard drive to legacy mode? (varies quite alot from board to board) might be worth your time checking it.

no i havent. One thing I did notice is that computer only does it when its connected to his monitor/mouse/keyboard. I had it here for few hours and it worked fine.

all of my computers have died after a BSOD… god do i hate thee

Got BSOD this week when i tryed to start windows up normally it would freeze and crash. Managed to start it up in safe mode to back my stuff up. Then i reinstalled windows 7. However i forgot to back up the up-to-date version of a model i was working on. Lost around 2 hours of work because of that.

I never had problem of BSOD on my computer. But that funky blue background of turbo C++ IDE is enought to convey the feeling. XD now before someone asks me to switch over to vc++, i wud like to clarify that the only reason i use it is because its in my school syllabus.
So happy crashing ur beloved 0-1-box. :stuck_out_tongue:

i would say its either the keyboard or mouse then, monitors dont normally have drivers (or at least need them) so you can always take a couple of spares with you to rule out if thats the problem.

@Chuk_Chuk: you shouldnt need to reinstall to resolve the issue, in my line of work reinstalling is last port of call if everything else fails. If you have problems like that in the future ask around on here etc and im sure someone will help you work out what teh problem is :slight_smile:

Well, you know what, I plugged my camera into my laptop this morning and I got a BSOD. I figured it was virtualdubmod I was using and I should of just been using virtualdub. This also happened on the older computer that we have. My guess is just virtualdubmod has trouble with my camera. Hmm, sounds like I should make a recovery cd just in case.:wink:

sounds like a pretty safe bet :slight_smile: it may be worth checking whether the camera driver itself isnt the cause

When you booted up the computer it took forever to load up and when i did get in explorer crashed. But i wasn’t to bothered my computer was loaded with so much data and used programs i didn’t need i was sort of glad to reinstall windows. Till i remembered i hadn’t back up blender file. Also i think it was cased because i had messed with some files so i could change the look of my start menu which didn’t work.

ah ok lol in that case i dont blame you haha :stuck_out_tongue: