Who hates spyware?

I sure do, just recently some of that crap junk you call programs kept getting on my comp and slowed it down even though I also have the programs known as spybot S&D and ad-aware. Couldn’t do much for the whole weekend thanks to that. We have fixed the problem and it’s going smoothly but for the time being for the good of security I guess i’ll be stuck for a while using Mozilla.

Kansas, The question is, who doesn’t man. What’s wrong with mozilla?

I never said there was anything wrong with Mozilla, I would still use IE for playing internet games though as Mozilla isn’t as friendly with them.

This is a pointless thread, there is NO ONE that likes spyware.

If you do… you ahve serious mental problems.


What about the people that make the stuff? Oh, wait, I guess they’d fit into the mental problem catagory, no?

I know a few people that would be out of a job if it weren’t for stupid people installing spyware on their computer

I do have to clean up a bunch of computers, but usually only a couple a week. It is annoying, but more time consuming than painful

[unlike when drivers are buggy]

I think the proper question is: who hates useless threads?


Are you a computer technition or something like that?

There is always money to earn

Are you a computer technition or something like that?[/quote]
“something like that”

removing spyware is not my primary function, but it is something I have to do a lot

BEWARE of some of the anitspyware programs out there.

My computer was running fine and I did a periodical spyware scan first with Adaware and then Spybot: Search and Destroy. S:SD is a popular antispyware app so I thought I could trust it.
It INSTALLED about 10 different crippling spyware programs. Piece of shit.

as a kid one of the favourire things that we played was “spy”. we dressed up in spy clothes, read the spy-handbook, and had secret messages and signals and of course exachanged suitcases.

so hats, dark glasses, magnifier glass, tinderbox, notebook, fake moustaches, all that spyware, has a special places in my heart.


you must have recieved an invalid copy

it is really better to download these things on a “clean” computer, I’ve seen software which overode google searches for adaware with their own page [which looked very similar, but was missing some important features, like the plain text of the url]

I do!!!

What about the people that make the stuff? Oh, wait, I guess they’d fit into the mental problem catagory, no?[/quote]
No, just the “jerk” category. They put bumper stickers on their cars that say “practice random acts of evil” and “have you hurt someone else’s computer today?”

Simple prevention to getting spyware: Makes a second account with no administrator permissions and play on that. Only log onto administrator when you have to. No registry entries can be made when not an administrator.

or should the question be “who hates kantas_15 and his spammy threads”

He’s not as bad as cubefan (yet)

I’ve read quite a bit of the Cube’s posts and he’s just totally whacked out. Seeing many of his topics per page and questions on wether he should die. Not to mention his polls which have useless choices like about aliens and monkeys.

I think CubeFan(973) should be referred to as He Who Shall Not Be Named from now on :stuck_out_tongue: