Who here use to watch Transformers?

(Riskbreaker) #1

Coz I want to ask something that I just cant get out of my head for some reason.

What was the name of that metallic planet where the Autobots “supposedly” came from? I think it started with an “O” or something…anyways, help me please!

(Nahtanoj) #2

I’m afraid it didn’t start with an ‘O’, the autobots and the decepticons for that matter came from Cybertron.

Ah don’t you just love those old cartoons :slight_smile:

(BgDM) #3

Yep, it was Cybetron. Man I loved that show. I had just about all the toys when I was a kid as well.

There is now a new version of the Transformers in Japan, currently on here in Caanda as well, that is done Manga style. it is pretty good, but does not compare to the original. I liked the CG version that was out not long ago as well. Great shows.

Ah don’t you just love those old cartoons

Oh yeah, those were the best.


(Nayman) #4

yeah man, fucking transformers to the max!

When i was 8, i saw trhe movie, and cryed when optimus prime died!

I want them to make anew a live-action transformers, with bitchen Computer graphics.

Also, they are making a new TMNT movie… all cg

(Nahtanoj) #5

i remember reading something a few years back about that new version I think it was called Car robots or something. The autobots were called cybertrons or something along those lines its been a while since i looked it up.

I wonder how they’re getting on with that cg TMNT movie has there been any new trailers?

I’d love to see a CG version of MASK now that would be cool.

(thatbrikwal) #6

a while ago an excellent, i mean top-notch transformers series called Beast Wars was airing… I think a couple years ago. It was all cg, animated by Mainframe (?) inspiring stuff.

(Riskbreaker) #7

HEY HEY! Cybertron…thats it…well sonnafabitch, “O”, what was I thinking…no wonder I couldnt remember it.

Wasnt Optimus Prime the best? 8)

Beast wars just finished airing here about a year ago…damn good stuff, I heard theres another one called Beast Machines or something…then again I did think Cybertron started with an “O” so I could be wrong…

(haunt_house) #8

I liked Captain Future

(@ce) #9

I also liked beast wars a bit…it had also a couple of episodes about the autobots, the predacons and the maximals were stuck in the prehistoric times of earth. These were also in cg

(Nahtanoj) #10

I remember seeing something about Beast Machines alright. not sure if it was the same as Beast wars though. I have yet to see either of these series I’ll have to see if they’re airing over here although I doubt if they are.

(valarking) #11

the original transformers was ok i guess…
there is a new one airing here in america done in anime style on cartoon network, my brother tapes them. beast wars was aweful. they ditched alot of the “mech” look.