Who "invented"/"made famous" the most famous 3D techniques/methods?

This may sound like a stupid and useless question, but do you guys know who (or which studio) “invented” (or made famous) the most common modeling techniques such as box modeling and poly by poly modeling?

I’m asking this because I’m doing a paper on 3D techniques for modular avatar creation, and my professor asked me to get this information, which turns out to be almost impossible to get.

The closest thing I found was about Bay Raitt being the guy who popularized edge-loop modeling, but nothing more than that.

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask this kind of question, but I’m kinda of desperate :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if you´ll be able to find that information, since it´s not as flashy as Sub Surface scattering, global illumination or caustics… I know Ed catmull and Jim Clark invented subdivision surfaces, which made poly modeling more practical compared to NURBS, which used to be the standard in 3d modeling.

Exactly, it’s much easier to find the most important technologies like who developed subdivision surfaces, raytracing, and similar stuff, but techniques/methods it’s really hard. Which I understand, since it’s the kind of stuff people wouldn’t really care, they just use the techniques, and that’s that.

I hope my professor understands that. Citing the creators of the technologies that helped these techniques to be possible should be enough.

Yup. I do think the lord of the rings-films were the first high profile movies to use poly/subdivs, mostly because of By Raitt and a revolutionary poly software called Mirai (which Wings 3d is loosely based on. Well Nendo, but same same:). Nurbs was used for Jurassic Park, and even Toy story it seems. Just give your professor something nebulous like that :slight_smile:

Edit: this ight be interesting for you as well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geri's_Game Pixar´s Geri´s game served as an early demonstration of poly subdiv techniques.