Who is at fault?

YOU GUYS ARE GETTING ME ALL WRONG!! this DID NOT actually happen, just an example, and i already said that the decision you make is your own, what im asking is person 1 did make person 2 make a decision, right? that is the question, am i right, or am i wrong? And by the way i am greatly offended by the GW comment, i was not twisting my words at all, i think you guys were understanding the question wrong, or simply looking at the wrong part and not even answering what i’m trying to get answered.

I think you are using the anonominity (ya right :P) of the internet to pretend this didn’t happen, to make yourself look better.

Person 1 (Action) asks some really weird questions, and gives two silly options.

Person 2 (Action) tries to reply, just for the sake of replying.

Person 3 - same as person 2.

Person 4 (Thought) wants a third option, (Action) and just adds one for himself.

Person 1 (Action + Thought) gets mad cause he feels misunderstood.

Person 5 (Thought) wonders what the fuzz is all about, (Action) and goes to bed.

That’s a good awnser.

I’m going to be person 5.

Wonder what is all the fuss about and go to bed.

Night all… gets up and goes to bed.

Ok, then, i guess ill stop asking questions i just want a simple answer to, not your opinion on what should have been said, or tell me that i need to learn to think for myself (?), or that my response to the question was wrong. This really upsets me, and for the record, this situation did’nt actually happen, i’m not trying to make myself look better, it was a simple question you people have failed to reply to, and have only come up with smart ass replys that have nothing to do with what i’m asking. That sucks. :-?

Thats life.

Thats life.[/quote]

Apparently it is…

I replied, I said person two was also in the wrong, and then I added my own comments and thoughts to that.

On a side note, using posts like this we should make a food for thought forum, like the one the ninjai forum has.

I fully comprehended your posts and thus replied. I was ignored.

I hate you. (read the irony.)

We’ve made this thread into an excellent representation of the situation you tried to convey in post #1.

Someone wronged you and now it’s your turn --and your turn only-- to either respond or ignore it. You were only forced to make a decision, a decision process is nothing, your actions are everything. Screw up and it’s on your head. Ultimately what you do is your choice and your responsibility.

People often reap what they sow, on some occasions other people are forced to reap what you sow --this is worse.