Who is from Minnesota?

Are any of you from minnesota??? :spin::rolleyes: GO VIKINGS! :slight_smile:

The states of america now associates themself with the ancestors of scandinavia? Sweden and norway are the only countries that has vikings left in them. Not many, but a few…:frowning: Don’t steal things to be proud of…there has to be something. Haven’t you got some unique culture to be proud of. Yeah Mcdonalds and britney spears!!! And don’t forget the cowboys and George Bush!!! GO AMERICA!!!:no:

The vikings are the minnesota football team… lol and George bush isn’t president, barack obama is… lol

I currently reside in Minnesota, and I don’t really find it as anything to cheer about. It’s the middle of October, and today my area got 2 inches of snow. It sucks.

EDIT: Also, Zarnik, you fail to notice that many people who live in the US are ancestors of Norway and Sweden, as well as other European cultures, you bashing us for ‘stealing’ your culture is idiotic.

What is with the sudden rise in these threads? Maybe a new megathread is in order?

Well, I lived longer in Minnesota than anywhere else, 20 years in Minneapolis from age 19 to 39 (with a brief stint in Richfield in '84/'85). Loved it there. My dad was from the Mesabi Iron Range and my mom from St Louis Park. I lived thru the Halloween blizzard of '91 when we got 28.5 inches of snow. We lived mostly near Minnehaha Falls, I used to ride my bike to work downtown regularly.

tarkata: What is so bad about snow? It is AWESOME(a little cold though lol) I got the snow also

I love snow. I moved to a higher up place, I hope I get more. It’s cold here even in the summer…

I live 30 minutes north east of Minneapolis, in Wisconsin.

Well, for one thing, driving in winter is no fun, especially with ice.

Second of all, there aren’t any sports/outdoor activities I enjoy in the snow. Last year, the snow around here was too wet to snowboard, so it’s pretty pointless.

Right now, I live about 20 minutes away from the Mississippi River (on the Wisconsin side). So I’m not too far from Minnesota.

What is with the sudden rise in these threads? Maybe a new megathread is in order?
Maybe someone should make a thread saying “Who is from Earth?”

I’ve been there once. Couldn’t get along with anybody, so I left again.

I live in central Minn, about 2 hours north from the “Cities”