Who is Jesus survey

Hey everyone,

I’m doing a research project that is asking the question “Who is Jesus?”. I am especially interested in non-christian responses to the question though anyone is free to participate.

The survey is 100% anonymous and only has one required question (“Who is Jesus”) so it doesn’t take hardly any time to answer. The more participation the better the research project will be. If you can help, please head over to the survey (it’s just a google form) and tell me who you believe the real Jesus to be. Like I said, it’s totally anonymous so you can be brutally honest.

Thanks for helping!!

Mel Gibson will explain you.

this guy - (note Terrible violence contained in video) - persons under 18 should not click this video without
parental consent.

Not sure about this jesus character but apparently the Beatles were more popular than him.

There’s a guy on YouTube who claims he is Christ reincarnated.

There’s a guy on YouTube who claims he is Christ reincarnated.

edit: also, @Rigby40, fans said that but Lennon and them were appalled by the comparison.

No. John Lennon did make that comparison(though John claims it was taken out of context):

I’m sure their fans have made similar statements as well.

Ah you’re right. Knew it was something along those lines.

I suspect that you have inquired of the wrong Internet forum.

Fact is, objective history knows almost nothing about this particular character … which, by the way, is quite unusual for a person of such enormous and obvious historical import. We can deduce that he was an outspoken religious figure who managed to stage a “triumphal entry” (complete with palm fronds …) that promptly earned the stock response of the Occupying Romans to any perceived threat to their domination of the conquered region. But there are no “official records” (remaining) of the great-many crucifixions that were performed during those days.

And so, although plenty of the surviving accounts are highly suspect … (clue ya … the Romans didn’t give a damn about the opinions of the Conquered Local Authorities, as long as they helped to “hold the peace” and otherwise generally “kept their mouths shut” …) … we simply do not know who Jesus of Nazareth … actually … was. :eek:

In all the annals of history, yes, Jesus of Nazareth remains one of the world’s great mysteries.

Believe me: “as a Christian(!),” I would very much like to have a definite answer. But, I find that history simply has no such “certainty” to give. And so, I have adjusted my “beliefs” accordingly.

“And, actually … I have no problems with that.”

I think I inquired of exactly the right forum. I want opinions from all over the spectrum. Thanks for yours.

Actually, it’s the wrong forum. Our Forum Rules lists posts like these as inappropriate for our forum.