Who is supposed to answer questions in this forum!!!!!?????????

alot of threads go unreplied just as i think this one will go in the website and support forum!! this message is aimed at moderators, and i hope they do something about it!

I don’t get it… What are they supposed to be doing…?

well, since it is the ‘website support’ forum,’ they are supposed to be proficient in this field and answer the questions members have about this website and other issues they have which cannot (most of the time) be solved by members of this community.

Who is supposed to answer questions in this forum???
Anyone can answer questions in this forum.

Well… He is right…
Unless the moderators specifically say they can only answer the questions on this forum… then I think that everyone can answer them…

that was not the intent of the question, the intent was that moderators take care of the forums and run it therefore if there is a question about the forum or web they should answer it.

NOTE: i am not saying that it is a must that you answer but how is a normal member supposed to change usernames???

yeah youre somehow right, i think youve got a point you know.:stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: ermm no you dont have a point.

Maybe they’re in disguise, posing as members instead of moderators.

And besides, I think the moderators are doing a pretty good job taking care of the forum/web.
It seems okay to me.

i cant remember saying they were doing a bad job, all i said was that threads were being buried with 0 replies.Simply because members werent able to answer the questions e.g the username change!!!

But maybe the moderators can’t answer the questions either. Maybe such said questions don’t comply for answers.
…Except the username change.

It depends on the question. Many anyone can answer, some moderators can answer and some only the admins can answer.

but how is a normal member supposed to change usernames???

Only admins can change username so either post a message in this forum or pm an admin. Since I believe you’ve had yours changed in the past you’d know.

and what about my threads?

here is one thread that required a moderator or an admin:http://blenderartists.org/forum/show...ost-Moderation
Seeing that his post count is now 41 it looks like his problem was solved.

Maybe they just don’t feel like answering it. Or maybe they just really don’t have an answer for it.
Or maybe instead of answering them, they just take them into consideration.

YEs i think the problem is solved, well kind of anyway, well here is a simple question for you Richard: Close this thread.

thanks both of you

Um… You’re welcome…?

@richard marklew

and what about my threads?


yeah, some of the threads i posted went unreplied.

There are a few “moderation” tasks that can only be done by an administrator (most of the time me). I’ve had a delay in my responses recently due to SIGGRAPH and moving cities, so for that I apologize. Fortunately, gaps like this are pretty infrequent, so hopefully it’ll be a while before questions/requests go unanswered for too long.

no problem at all

Maybe the moderators just don’t like you.

Edit: all jokes aside, they do a pretty good job of it all - I doubt any of us humble beings could do any better…

Maybe the moderators just don’t like you.

ermm, i wasnt the only one there were quite alot of people.

This happen due to the unrelated question or inquiry is not satisfied than question or threads are not answered.