who is the best...

who is the best cg artist in the world?

i dont know if this topic has been posted before!

Who is the best musician in the world? How about best painter? Best sculptor? Your question is meaningless.

Martha Argerich

Wow…harsh. And to answer your question, I am.

It’s a matter of personal taste from an artistic perspective what subject matter you prefer and style. I would never pick an anime artist for example but someone who is into anime might. Perhaps you could ask who is the best technical artist but that even changes because an artist is only as good as their best work. ATM, I’d probably say the people who did King Kong but then that’s a collaborative effort. Talking about individual artists, I guess you’d just have to know who works at the top companies. After all, there’s a reason why those companies are at the top because they often hire the people who are among the best at what they do.

Leonardo Da Vinci. He rocked the house.
He used Blender -9.8.

He was a dang good coder, too.
Get it? “The Da Vinci Code?”


I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed a meaningless question. You can make a top 20 of the best though. I think that everybody will agree that Steven Stahlberg has a place somewhere in the top 5.



i think that Pascal Blanche is in there somewhere…

He was a dang good coder, too.
Get it? “The Da Vinci Code?”


Everyone knows that I’m the best. :wink:

Its really just what you like.

Let’s just ask the question which is really at the heart of this matter:

Please define reality.


two of my favorites:

Pascal Blanché
Andrew Ley

both got defined style that rocks…gotta love them…but yeah…it’s most likely impossible to say which artist is the best of all…and as for myself, I don’t like steven sthalberg stuff that much… But he is a great artist for sure…maybe in top10 :stuck_out_tongue:

If you defined best by quantitative facts then you could possibly formulate a list, but then again the doesn’t really mean the best… The artist that sells the most paintings, the artist that is known by the most people etc. An artist that sells more than artwork, could sell theirs for really cheap are be a really good business person…

And I think you’re wrong about that prediction.

everyone knows, chuck norris is probably the best. he can model with his eyes, and render with his mind…i think he’s currently running 256 core 5.67 THZ on the left side of his brain, and he’s got nvidia sli 9900 gtx on both of his eyes…last check, i think he got them done at the lasek eye correction facility…and just above his stomache, he’s got 98 terabytes of ram in his heart…with a 2,000,000 fsb running through his veins…last checked, he rendered the whole movie of king kong for weta in under 6 seconds, but i dunno if it’s true.

I think that Steven Seagal shines Chuck Norris’s boots. And after Steven is finished, Chuck put the finishing touch in it by round kicking him.

I think I stumbled upon a nest of Steven Stahlberg haters? There is not that many people that can model like Ste… Ohhhhhhh I get it why he’s so hated. He doesn’t use Blender (yet). Give me a few criteria why he doesn’t belong in the top 5. And remember, we are talking about modeling, so there must be something wrong with the topology of his models, or there must be something wrong with the geometry of his models.

Over at CGTALK there is this guy (strangly very humble, he is so humble that he makes @ndy look like Chuck Norris in comparison) that is a student that models with NURBS only. I think he belongs at the number 1 spot. His Nurbs model of Gene Hackman, Audrey Hepburn and Dustin Hoffman is FLAWLESS! Even the big artists over there are drooling over his pieces.

Not specifically. And remember we are talking about artists in general, some of which may work in unrelated genres.

As mentioned previously, one might not be into realism or characters or whatever. One might prefer spaceships or landscapes therefore Stahlberg might not come in very high on the list of someone who mainly likes intricately detailed and industrial looking futuristic hardware.

Different strokes for different folks…

He could have rendered it in 2 sec but he made his own version of the movie. He added himself roundhouse kicking King Kong first hour of the movie. The extra 4 seconds rendertime was because of his intense chest hair.