Who is this crazy blender coder: Chromoly ?

Look to this youtube videos.
This man makes extra crazy plugins!
Does anybody knows chromoly?




Man … the vertex slide is what I want for such a long time … probably since when I started with Blender.
Unfortunately the addon has been deleted :(.

This guy doesn’t know english very well.
That’s the only reason we don’t know about him and why he is not sitting in a chair with official developers :confused:
The guy is amazing.

You can download the filiciss build from graphicall.
There is a folder in the scripts folder called external addons. you can now put this folder in your blender scripts folder and voila!:yes:

I heard somewhere that chromoly is a japanese guy, who cant speak english very well.
Perhaps the freestyle developer T.K could communicate with this guy. he is also japanese.

Nice. I love the circle menu, didn’t I see that elsewhere? Plus the walking tank in his other videos rocks :yes:

Holy ****, these addons need to get into the blender trunk NOW!

Please :frowning:

Man … the vertex slide is what I want for such a long time … probably since when I started with Blender.
Unfortunately the addon has been deleted

If you have a build from Filiciss you can always grab the python source for the addon and see if you can get permission to put it back into the addon repository.

I’m quite intrigued by how he is using a circular menu, maybe the source will be released with a graphicall build soon as well.

Seems to be some quality addons indeed, would be a shame to just let them disappear…

Click download (I just googled the name of the script)

He’s got a nice pie menu. It looks like NeXyons GSoC pie menu proposal.


+1 for the pie menu! that looks awesome.

There are a lot more of addons there:


3 pages of them :cool:

Thanks for the links. Vertex slide and sync camera scripts are there, but I couldn’t find any pie menu script.

The ruler script is in up0430.zip
There are a lot of patches too to fix some things in Blender.

By the way, testfluid is for ages superior to 18 years.

It would really be nice if some of those plugins are properly documented and included with blender. They seem very useful. It is interesting that language barrier divides even the world of Blender :wink:

The precision of the ruler addon is really nice. I like the movable cross hairs.

oh lord, that pie menu, that menu :spin: !!! I wish there was something i could do to get it :smiley: should be in the official svn i think… well, best of luck to that feature :smiley:

I am fairly sure I saw some posts from someone in here working on that exact pie menu… maybe this guy just has that script/svn, and didn’t actually make it himself… If I could just find that thread again…

(+852 on the pie menu. Want!)

In the Lightwave community, most of the best plug-ins were made by Japanese developers. This would be a great time for us to get to know them better.