Who is this suppose to be?

Hi my first attempt at modelling a celeb and def my last:p. Ended up not looking much like the celeb but could pass for her sister if her sister were adopted. Anyway thought it might be fun to have people guess who i based the model on. Winner gets a COOKIE!. Leave your answers below will reveal the subject of this model in 2 days. Clues She is an actress She is English She looks nothing like this model(well maybe a bit)


Jessica Alba?

Hey Xray thx for playing mate.
But no jessica Alba is not a citizen of the UK for starters. I do see her in the model though
Decided to redo it and still failed but this render is a lot closer to the person.
Still looks like a cartoon its supposed to be realistic I don’t know what is missing:(
Could be you don’t even know her lol not a super famous actress

Ok, last stab for me… and sorry I didn’t catch the UK part… how about Kiera Knightley?

OK, I have no idea, but suggestions why it’s not realistic, and maybe give you an opportunity for another go:

The eyes are too big, and the geometry around the eyes completely lacks detail.
The hair is a big no-no. Try with particle hair
Your bump/normal shader on the skin is too much, turn it down.
Use an SSS shader for the skin

Once you try those, ask again :slight_smile:

Nope but its been two days now and no winners so i will have the prize cookie for myself . The girl is Imogen poots.I didn’t really do her justice think i will try a different image at least my 2nd attempt has some resemblance so my third can only be spot on:D