Who is Your 3D Art Mentor?

Animation Mentor just did a live webinar talking about the animation/3d Art industry and I thought it would be interesting to find out who is the inspiration that drives all the great Blender artists here in the forums…

I attended that webinar. At the peak there were 390 ppl on.I pretty much decided as soon as they started showing sketches from the drawn to life books that I had to have them both. As for who my mentor is I would have to say it is a long list with lots of categories. It would have to start with the book The natural way to draw by Kimon Nicolaides , and from this forum a short list would include Endi for modeling and game art,Ypoissant for animation. Ben Danise is right on the tip of my brain, and to keep it short anyone who was on any of the open movie/open game teams for the Blender Foundation. Blenducation is basically my version of animation mentor as far as a teaching intitution. That leaves out a lot.

My “mentor” would have to be JermiahStilts. Because, he showed me blender, and taught me all of the basics and then some!

He’s also the best animator in Tennessee, and the forth best in the country! :smiley: