Who is your favorite actor and actress?

Since the 1900 who is your favorite actor and actress only put your favorite one and not second choice?

For me actor is ;

Actress is ;

  • Impossible to pick only one (male and female) - having many choices instead.
  • Impossible to limit choices at the exact current time - also movies from the past included.
  • Impossible to choose based only on name - but specifically talking about which movie and which name.

• Arnold (T2, Total Recall), Bruce Willis (Armageddon, Fifth Element), Di Caprio (Inception), Jackie Chan (Operation Condor, 80s-90s etc)
• Kate Beckinsale (Underworld 1), Gemma Arterton (Prince Of Persia), Jodie Foster (Contact), Sandra Bullock (Demolition Man)

Am I really picky or not? :smirk:

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Buttercup Cumbersnatch, banister crumblebench and Brendadirk Cramplescrunch. OK sorry; I’ll stop. But seriously, I liked his acting in Star Trek : Into Darkness quite a lot, and as a Sherlock fan I like him even more. He is just really great at acting like an emotional damaged genius, it’s nuts.

He was good at “Immitation Game” as well along with Keira Knightley.

Not at all this is a cool selection but i ask for only one because you have to make a difficult choice just like an rpg game! :smiley:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Conan and Predator are my favorite movies.

Brittany Murphy

Rest in peace. Great actress. She had that something.

Thing is there are so many actors and actresses that are good for different reasons.


Do you mean Zachary Quinto since i sincerely think he is the best Spock casting?