Who killed amazon?

Does anyone know what’s happened to amazon? Being from England, I use amazon.co.uk usually and it has disappeared into a mire of “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. The strange thing is, it seems to have happened to amazon.com as well.
Does anyone have any information as to whether this was scheduled maintenance or what, and when the most important website of all will return? :slight_smile:

Relax dude. Both are working for me. No need to get all worked up about this :rolleyes:.

Working fine for me.

I killed it as revenge for their stupid patent.

I expect it’s an ISP issue your end.

Just flush your cache, reload the page and the panic should go away :wink:

It’s alright now, phew :wink: . I’d tried flushing both the cache and the dns, but neither worked. It must’ve been the ISP’s fault, I think.

It may have had something to do with their new unbox service where they are offering movie downloads.

It looks like a really bad service because you have to use their media player, the content is all DRM’d as usual and the movies costs the same as buying a DVD from a store. I don’t think movie downloads are going to take off if they have the same prices as DVDs.