Who knows how to make a flash

Ok what I’m doing is make a sword fight, and everyone who has seen anime knows that when the fight happens every time they cross swords a flash happens. So dose anyone know how one would make said flash that would be great.

Thanks to who ever replays.

One way - place a very small bright mesh light at the point of contact - then use the “glare” node in compositor to add streaks.

do you know of a video that shows how to do that and think you. I’m not that good with nodes. That is why I’m asking

Googled “Blender Glare Tutorial” - got this as one of the first hits…

I hadn’t yet visited tutorial world for this and have been wondering something similar myself with respect to visually rendering the effects of a “flash grenade” as popularized by SWAT team depictions.

My thought was to put a smallish sized UV sphere with an emission node set way high in something not quite white in color. (orangish? yellowish?)

My one and only experience seeing a flash-bang demonstrated was the color of the light it gave off was in the orange area of the color wheel.

Am I on the right track with my approach. (Using Cycles render)