Who knows me on the forums?

I just wanted to know how much people on the forums know me… Like as in they pmed me, or replayed to one of my threads, or quoted me or anything like that… If you have just read my posts that doesn’t count :confused:


I know a little more about you. Namely, you’re an attention whore.

wow thanks! Right back at ya! :wink: lol, remember the ‘What do you think of me?’ thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t say I wasn’t.

@ShnitzelKiller: I see you’ve changed your signature. Good!

@Linkxgl: Remeber me? I was the one of the ones who answered your question about the universe on a string. Anyway I don’t think many people know anyone on these forums because with over 50,000 members…

Yup, I remember you don’t worry :wink:
Um, most of those people arn’t active :slight_smile: lol

Ya,I think I know you. I have seen your picture on the post office bulletin board.

I get your avatar mixed up with pixelmass’s. Therefore you’re him as far as I’m concerned.



I know you from games. :cool:

Now i remember, your that strange guy around here. =)

oh yeah, I talk to little kids and I’m actually a 40 year-old man looking for love :wink:
lol, yeah, I remember you! Your that guy who made that thread about your crush =)

Ugh, damm!

Ok, i remember you from like 2 years back. =)

I remember you because the default specular shader settings in your avatar get on my nerves.

I remember when I used to post on the adult internets…

well …i hope every one doesnt make a thread like this :stuck_out_tongue: …forums will be flooded .

i have seen you on some threads i was checking .you looked …black and white .

um ok cool, I got what I needed so you can let it die now if you guys want…

I also have replied to your posts . . . but then again I try to reply to as many as I can.

OMG GUYS!!! What do you guys all think of me!>!L!>K!

I want to really really know pleeeeeeeeeze tell me what you all think of me OMG!(!&[email protected][email protected]$