Who knows the song in this video?

I have been searching for the song in the following video for a while now without any result:


Does someone know this song or artist?

This should help you allong a great deal




and this will definately do the trick

exactly 159 seconds of google and youtube

it is indeed great music




Thank you so much!
From my point of view this song (it begins at 0:13) fits perfect to this video too:

I already used Shazam, TrackID and Google to get more informations about this song. After I got no result I started this thread here.

Is it really that hard to find it? Took me a little more than a minute.

For what did you search for and where? I am just curious.

I was rendering massive blender scenes at the time, so my computer was slow in loading internet pages, I was multitasking and my computer too, that’s why it took me so long …


I just typed in the fist few sentences of the lyrics into Google plus the word “lyrics”.