who knows

Hello everyone. On days one problem appeared. I was told to buy new engine for my car. As i do not know where to buy it, i would like if someone reccomend me the place with good prices and service. Thanks.

I’d guess your local mechanic? Engines are expensive to ship so your best bet ought to be a local shop or something within a reasonable distance

There are shops all over that specialize in rebuilding engines. Unless you have a cracked block it may be more economical to have your engine rebuilt rather than buy a whole new one.

Along the same lines would be to get a “short block” and build from there. Again there are shops that specialize in that.

Lastly when I say “economical” above that’s a very relative term. No matter what you do your are going to be laying out some serious cash. Make sure it makes sense to do this for the car you are considering doing this for.

I used to rebuild engines “just for fun” years ago. Don’t do that any more with all the high tech gee-whiz technology under the hood these days. I know nothing about the LA speed shop scene so have no idea where to send you.